40 Double Unders!? 5 rounds!?…

21 Sep

Tuesday night started quiet but later turned out to be the benchmark for the night!

Cam displayed real determination to finish the WOD in sub 15 minutes RXD despite being the only person in the class! You could argue that this was helped by me screaming in he’s face to “get on it!” for the entirety of the last 2 rounds! But none the less he did bloody well and proved himself to be the man to beat!

5 rounds for time:

40 double unders

30 box jumps

20 kettlebell swings @ 1.5 pood

Everyone was unpleasantly surprised at the double under regression; you must attempt half amount of reps i.e. 20 DU’s (which unfortunately produced a few whip marks!) This regression was chosen to build the athletes skill required to achieve a double under yet still achieve an increased cardio-respiratory response as appose to 3:1 single skip regression!

However this was not our focus!

ADDUCT!!! Our main focus was to lengthen and use our adductors, cueing: “belly tight!” and “knees out!!” to descend into a front squat during our Dynamic Effort strength period instead of sitting back and down whilst raising the elbows as high as possible therefore losing the integrity of our midline due to lack of abdominal involvement. This proved hard to get used to at first for many of the athletes but by the end of the 10 minutes they felt they had a more solid position during the squat.


All round a very STRONG night at Crossfit London!

See you all on Saturday morning and remember to donate to Fight Gone Bad   http://www.sportsgrants.org/fgb6/blog/

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