And Ruth nearly died

21 Sep

Im not one for  too much praise, but  recently arrived Ruth from, er, Norway/Sweden/Denmark…( one of those Scandinavian know, where the vikings came from) inspirationally pushed herself to the edge in tackling tonights

row 25 calories/ 25 SDHP, amrap 15 minutes Wod.

It was also great to be joined by recent beginner graduates Shane and Tom who also pitched in with gusto. Clap Clap.

We had an action packed night  with kipping handstand push ups and kipping pull up practise, followed by my new strength experiment. Rather than set 7 sets of 2 front squats, i subbed the first 3 to 4 sets with snatches, leading to 4 x 2 front squats, cleaned. interesting, but it gets us more olympic lifting practise, while keeping the focus on strength.

the workout was based on a simple proposition. to get a fight gone bad score of 300, you need 20 points per station. If i can make 25 calories, or 25 reps the norm, maybe a 20 rep target wont feel so bad.

BTW, high on the agenda is the creation of multiple wall ball targets.

But well done. I think Martin and Ben got top scores getting “about” 5 rounds.

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