FGB On sunday

12 Sep

Just   a quick  note to tell you  that the plan is to do Fight Gone Bad on Sunday as a practise session for a military fund raiser in November  ( ill get some more details about which charity etc over the next few weeks: feel free to suggest)

This is your chance to lay down a baseline score, so , dont go drinking on Saturday night. We can take 10 people a session, so if all 8  places are taken, put yourself on the waiting list and ill add you to the class.

Make sure you intend to go. Dont sign up, then go and get pissed  and cancel at 2 am in the morning.  Get some sleep, eat properly, and see you there.

4 thoughts on “FGB On sunday

  1. Hey

    Will the day be rotated at all for these? I’d be happy to do but sunday mornings i usually have football as season started again.

  2. a couple of questions around the wall ball
    1. is there targets marked for 10ft? I think we should be strict on this.
    2. any chance of getting another 20 pound med ball that is easier to grip?
    The orange one gets very slippery when wet. It’s like trying to catch a greased pig.

  3. My charity suggestion: Save The Orangutan (I mentioned in class yesterday to much hilarity 🙂 but is a great cause)

    Borneo orangutans are endangered and this charity does a lot of good work protecting them and their habitat.

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