Foundations 19 Sept: Jackie jigsaw

19 Sep

There’s nothing quite like the look on a grown man’s face after he does the first handstand since he was ten years old. A mixture of elation, relief (at not falling on his head) and ruddy-cheeked happiness. A look that says “Crossfit London is a big playground for grown-ups. Cool!”

The boys and girls were in groups to haul each other up and hold handstands. As this is the box’s skill du jour, expect to be doing lots more of these.

The rowing warm-up does as much to help familarise the info screen as it does to get to work the technique. The guys took turns to do

300m slow – for technique
2 mins steady – for consistency
10/15 cals all-out (which will come in handy for a Fight Gone Bad some day)

For those who really want to ramp up their rowing skills, this Saturday afternoon’s Rowing masterclass will do just that. This will be an occasional additional class, so keep your eyes peeled.

The WOD was Jackie – but rearranged into manageable chunks to turn down the heat a little:
12 mins, 4 rounds
45 secs work, 15 secs rest and rotate through:
Dumbell thrusters

Great job Cindy, Veronika, Graham, Stephen and Paul – pictured doing a nice weighted walking lunge


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