Goodnight, ladies

06 Sep

… because as of next Monday, the Women’s Virtuosity class becomes a regular, all-genders- welcome Foundations class. Yes, boys can come too! So, booking finger at the ready, get clicking.

The final ladies’ class was, as always, a thing of beauty.

Veronika started Crossfit 2 months ago, when she was doing pullups with a green band. Tonight she did a chin up with a skinny band! Previously she’s knocked out 70kg deadlifts, handstands, back squats – all the hard, heavy stuff regular gyms are afraid to let girls do. And she does all this with a compromised arm. Respect, lady!

Hannah shone tonight with a stunning 27kg overhead squat. Well almost! You’ll get it next time. Hannah must be the only person to arrive at Crossfit London already able to do double unders. So tonight she had a crack at triple unders – and actually did a couple. You just raised the bar for the whole gym, lady!

And so to the WOD – based on Prairie Fire:
12 pushups
2 power cleans
10 PU
4 PC
8 PU
6 PC
6 PU
8 PC
4 PU
10 PC
2 PU
12 PC
This version took longer to write on the board than to actually do – but was still a tough 8 mins of pain.

I’d like to thank all the girls who’ve dropped by Monday nights and made it an especially lovely class to teach. See you all in Foundations.

And hope to see you all this Saturday afternoon for my birthday/ Phil’s leaving do. Lots of lovely BBQ food and fun stuff  xx

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  1. TRIPLE unders?! Seriously?! What the hell are you feeding these people Kate?? As for the rest of us, back to the drawing board….

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