Philthy 50 – with burgers, cake and pull ups

12 Sep

Saturday morning saw a Crossfit classic haunt the gym. All the main and foundations classes  got to have a crack at:

“Filthy 50 ” or 30
Box jump
Jumping pull-ups
Kettlebell swings, 16/12/8
Knees to elbows
Push press 20/15/10
Back extensions
Wall ball shots
Double unders/skips

With all the appropriate scaling in place, no one had to miss out on the fun. Good job Hannah and Ashleigh, who got through scaling some and RXing others, and well done Tim – RX awesome!

Most notable has to be Naim who did this sub 30 mins! Good grief! What are you eating , mate?

With that done, the gym transformed into a party venue, the BBQ sparked up and the serious eating and drinking began. As it seemed like the whole of our Crossfit London crew were there, I don’t have to describe the scene – just point you toward Colin’s fantastic pictures from the day.

The pullup contest was a nailbiter, with the victor having to be decided by Death by Kip. It seems entirely appropriate that the winner of the Phil Rolling Memorial Pullup Competition 2011 should be won by – Phil Rolling. Farewell mate, we will miss you so much.

Please excuse me, but I need to gush a bit now that I’m 50 and verbally incontinent! Thank you Sally – party organiser extroadinaire and all her team of foodie helpers. That cake was totally scrummy! Thank you Chris for the music selection – all my faves were there. Thanks Kirsty for lending me your make up! Thank you Colin for the morning class and sweating over the barbie. Thank you Andrew for being the most amazing, funniest, life-changing guy ever, I love you!

And thank you Crossfit Londoners. You are like my family, and it’s a privilege and a joy to know and train with every single one of you. Good job! xxxxx


4 thoughts on “Philthy 50 – with burgers, cake and pull ups

  1. I had a great time – so much so I still feel slightly sick, not sure if that’s from the filthy fifty or the post work-out meal of Rioja and crisps. Thanks to everyone for organising.
    Phil enjoyed training with you, and will remember fondly some of the quirky WODS. Hope to seen you when you’re next back in blighty.

  2. Looks like a fantastic time was had by all! Kate- wishing you the very best birthday, with sincerest apologies for missing the festivities.

    Phil – Great to have been coached by you, and thanks for all the memories. good luck!



  3. Had so much fun at the bbq! As did my dog who enjoyed eating anything delicious anyone managed to drop.

    Amazing pics! I have a few of my own I’ll upload or email soon.

    Love my new CrossFit family, everyone is just so awesome. Great to have had a class with Phil before his travel adventures!

    See you all soon,

  4. Thanks Jam (Jamie? which do you prefer?) Glad you and your lovely dog had a good time. Welcome to the family xx

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