Snatchin’ & Jerkin’

30 Sep

This morning’s 630AM class was heavy on skills and drills with a sneaky beastly WOD thrown in for good measure.

The snatch is the worlds fastest lift, hence Vivek's face is blurred

After a quick warmup with pvc dislocates & overhead squats we picked up the big bars and worked through all the Crossfit London snatch drills with some front squats as well.

Then worked up to heavy squat snatches which saw some cracking lifts. Adam nailed 50kg a few times with very nice form. Vivek snatched & caught 40kg beautifully in a full squat, then just couldn’t stand up with it. Next time!

Adam checks his list on the floor: 1. controlled deadlift - done. 2. aggression from pockets, jump shrug kittens - done. 3. pull around the bar into full squat - yep done. 4. Stand up - aha!

Quick run through of ring rows with the standard being fully locked out arms then rings all the way to chest – like a reverse push up.

Then we focused on split jerks drilling the movement. We paid particular attention to footwork – depth of split, toes in, squat width and landing over the same spot you took off from, and don’t forget to stand up at the end.

The WOD today was a challenging 5 rounds for time, with a 15 minute cutoff.

10 Front Squats

10 Ring rows

10 split jerks – alternating feet

Adam & Vivek powered through the WOD both showing very impressive form with alternating split jerks, getting much better as WOD went on. Adam’s front squats are textbook.

All in all a great session. Good job!

2 thoughts on “Snatchin’ & Jerkin’

  1. the evening class did the same lesson, well done all, and to martin for getting to 5 rounds @ 50kg

  2. did this WOD on Saturday. 5 rounds with 50kg in 12:40
    note: I used a rack so didn’t have to clean the bar up for my front squats & split jerks.
    my starting position for ring rows was about 10 degrees above horizontal.

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