The Big Birthday BBQ and Bye-Bye Bash: this Saturday!

07 Sep

Yes it’s this Saturday 10 Sept from 2pm!

The celebrations begin with the morning classes: I won’t give the WOD away, except to say it honours trainer Phil‘s departure and marks my 50th birthday. Nuff said! And a hearty welcome back to Colin, who’s been away awhile. We’ll be doing a joint class at 10.30 am, so Foundations people – you get to suffer the fun too! Book in now!

From 2pm we’ll spark up the BBQ. Throughout the afternoon will be various pull-up and deadlift competitions, plus other jolly ‘games’

All our members are welcome. If you partner/husband/girlfriend has been wondering what all this Crossfit fuss is about, bring them along too. Guaranteed to convince them they were right all along, and yes you have joined a weird cult!

Bring a bit of food/drink. Be lovely to see you all xxx

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