The Crossfit London Great Big Birthday & Bye-Bye Barbecue Bash! 10 Sept

02 Sep

I’m delighted to announce there will be another fantastic Crossfit London barbecue on

Saturday 10 September 2011
2.00pm til 7.00pm.

All our members and their partners are welcome.
What can be so nice about these events is that the morning class people get to see the evening class people again, and newer people get to meet old lags – and everyone realises we’re part of one warm, fuzzy family, Huzzah!.

This time I get to choose the date as there are ulterior motives:

  • It’s my birthday – ahem – a big one. Yes, I will be 50, God help me!
  • It’s Trainer Phil’s last day with his feet upon English soil, as he flies out the next to seek new world adventures. We get to bid him a fond and tearful farewell.
  • Possibly one of our last chances to point and stare at trainer Sally’s amazing bump before she pops a brand new awesome Crossfitter into an unsuspecting world! Let’s wish her all our best.
    (If this ends up as the actual day, Adrian can tweet us their progress!)

We’ve had much discussion about how to entertain you (aside from being stuffed with a dizzying array of barbecue meats and champagne) and have come up with the following ‘hilarious’ contests.

  • “The Phil Rolling Memorial* Annual Strict Pull-up Competition”

Yes folks, the kipping-shun should have paid off in spades by now. Prove it by entering the lists and win the laurels!
Phil (* not actually dead) will write the rules and regs, so watch this space.

  • Max blonde deadlift
  • Max non-blonde deadlift

(Kirsty: scope out the competition and hedge your bets on this one!)

Plus other fun stuff – er -as yet remaining secret!

Bring a signature dish if you have one.
Dress nice 😉

So get it in your diaries now, folks, and see you on the day.
RSVP via the comments, facebook, email or carrier pigeon.

Kate xxx

Me and a lovely 10kg plate


Phil and the lovely Gita

24 thoughts on “The Crossfit London Great Big Birthday & Bye-Bye Barbecue Bash! 10 Sept

  1. hello stranger.
    I don’t see you for ages and look what happens – you turn into a liar!
    There is no way that you and ’50’ are about to become acquainted?!
    Gutted that I am not in London that weekend but should plans change I will be there! x

  2. max blonde deadlift?? I’m so missing out! Wish I could be there – Kate have a wonderful birthday and Phil, bon voyage and train with you in Canada soon 🙂 Miss you guys!

  3. If I could come back early from Canada, I would.

    Perhaps Steph and I can go head to head and do a solidarity deadlift competition between ourselves (blonde/non-blonde)


  4. Si – this doesn’t qualify you for both categories

    Brie and Steph – go for it. Send pix!

    Efe, you may be on to something…

  5. um, i think if there is any workout, it should be the filfty fifty + baby wod!!!

  6. The Official Baby WOD is on 4 Sept. Sally will do a post about it soon.
    Filthy 50…. hmm… good idea

  7. Happy birthday Kate! 50? I don’t believe you.

    Good luck to Phil and Gitte! Have a great time back in Montreal…

    Have a great party, with lots of pullups along the way. (:

    Btw, I mentioned the kipping ban to my trainer and she was quite interested. The other kids at the box are not happy with me…

  8. Alas, I’m getting married that day… might have some difficulty getting out of it…

    Hope everyone has a fantastic day though. Happy birthday Kate and the very best of luck to Phil!

  9. I am extremely sad to be missing this one. I will be on holiday.

    Best of Luck to Phil and Sally and a Big Happy Birthday to Kate. It’s so nice to welcome another one to the 50+ club!

  10. unfortunately I’m also on holiday, I somehow always seem to miss these barbeques 🙁 An early ‘Happy Birthday!’ to Kate

  11. * Just want to add – not being rude and ignoring P and S, I’ll see both before their respective Leaving and Big Day dates …

  12. Aw wish I could but will be sipping mojitos on a sunny Brazilian beach by then 😉

  13. Lindsay and I would love to make it – but we will be off to Italy to get married. Have fun.

  14. Just realised I’m at Bestival that weekend…

    Phil- I’ll try and get down this Sunday to say bye & have you shout at me one last time (I know you love it)

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