The sunday morning strength experiment

27 Sep

The CrossFit London strength prescription is for at least three heavy lifting sessions per week. We encourage our clients to deadlift once a week, and squat and press twice a week.

However, what if you miss the deadlift session? What if you want to practise your snatch and clean. Well, Sunday morning may be your life line. we are now opening the gym to our regular members for 2 hours for them to practise or develop skills. Of course, there will lots of bar sharing, sitting down and resting between  sets, but it may begin to fill a simmering demand. According to the  class description

“This two-hour session is for existing CFL clients to catch up on any strength training sessions that they missed during the week, or to supplement their existing training.

Movements permitted during this session will be limited to: squats, deadlifts, presses, weighted pull-ups, weighted dips, and olympic lifts.

There will be no WOD during this session”.”

You can turn up when you want, and leave when you want. We have a beginner session at 12.30, so you can train till 12.29 and hit the showers. This is also useful as often we get  host of cancellations for sunday morning classes at 2 to 3am on sunday morning. I can understand that if you are a  bit “under the weather ( cough, cough) you may not fancy a full scale wod: but you could fancy working some squats at your own pace and having a chat. Its also useful that you can be on our doorstep at 10.30, or meander in at 11.

Put it this way, its an experiment. We will give it a try and see what everyone thinks. We have created 16 spaces for this session, so there will be room for all.

This session is not open to “strangers or beginners”  There will be a coach on hand to supply 1st aid, but they will be leaving you to it, unless you need help,


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