Who wants to drag stones anyway? Why Paleo is false, but true!

17 Sep

Its part of my job description.

I must do other peoples  exercise regimes, go one other peoples courses, follow other peoples programming and do other peoples diets, otherwise we lock ourselves in our box in bethnal Green and crawl up our own bottoms. Our job is to be open, listen, learn, assess and criticise.

So it was inevitable that I had to do a month of the cult  Paleo diet .

I’ll report at the end of a month how it went , but for now, I wanted to share a few thoughts with you. I would like to publicly attack one of the assumptions behind the Paleo diet. The assumption is, that in dietary terms,  we have not evolved to cope with the bad  current day food supply:  fast carbs, bad fat, salt laden protein. Obviously there is great supporting evidence: diabetes, heart trouble, obesity, and other woes

But, lets tun this on its head. What does evolution mean? It means getting rid of  less successful species and types. Nasty but true. So if we stop looking at diabetes, heart disease and obesity as illness, but as a naturally occurring “weeding out mechanism”,  we have been trying to evolve for the last 200 hundred years. The only problem is that doctors and do gooders keep on stopping the natural process.

If we let the diiabetics, the obese and the  broken hearted follow their life style to its natural conclusion without medical intervention, they could, within a few generations, drop out of the gene pool, leaving us with a type of human who can survive on a high carb diet, and who is able to moderate their food consumption in an environment of plenty.

Obviously Im talking at a high statistical level. On a one to one basis,  no one would wish anyone a premature death: We probably have too much humanity for that.

Im no fan of carb (Im writing this as I  have a spare few minutes and wanted to brew up some mischief) , but if you leaf through  Caesers “The Conquest of Gaul” it becomes clear that to maintain armies in the field, (or people in urban centres) you need them to eat carbs ( a ration of grain, or some bread). Its not really  possible to  give every legionary some meat, salad and vegetables and some fish oil capsules:other than what they can forage:  if you are part of a 53000 person army, forage becomes hard to come by.

Over the last few days Ive eaten  meat, fish, fruit , vegetables nuts and fish oils pills galore: all   have been jetted in from around the world and now Im dependent on fresh, pure food sources. I suspect that if and when ( and possibly if)  I go back to normal eating, wheat,  milk and “meddled with” meat will make me ill.

The problem is  this. If we have a crisis and our cozy western world goes bottoms up, it will be those who can eat refined carb who will be able to survive better. After all, when there are famine and disasters,  we just ship in corn and rice: We dont  food drop olives, avocados and curly lettuce.

Does it come down to greed. Why should we stuff luxury food in our mouth that could never grow near us  and claim to be living a natural lifestyle while the other half of the world starves. As a british paleo man what  should i be eating? Deer, blackberries, apples? That sounds dull!

On another level, why would I want to be mimicking the  food choices of  a group of morons who thought that dragging stone around the wiltshire countryside was a useful pass time .  I like having  a house, an internet connection, a car ( although im getting rid of it soon). I love civilisation:

But, this said, 3/4 days of eating clean, and I dont “eat”, I “refuel” with as much emotion as filling up ( my soon to be gone) car with petrol. Gone  are the violently fluctuating  cravings,  but also gone are the enhanced mood that a sugar buzz gave  me,. As my fellow suffere kate says, ” i just feel slightly miserable”.  For me, its strange to have gone 3 days without milky coffee with sugar: Its the 1st time in 42 years ( yep, my loving parents allowed me  coffee and tea  at the age of 8!). Whats worse, ( or better) is that after a 4 day  lay off, we had a cheat meal of bread and cheese and coffee, and didn’t like it!

Am I facing a life of emotionless food? have I broken the spell? Am I never to get high on the  over-consumption of carb ever again??


Andrew, Confused of Bethnal Green, Stemler

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