WOD 1 Sep: Deadlift platforms and bandy push ups

01 Sep

Thursday 1st September

Mobility: scorpians

Skill: form on the clean shrugs and clean high pulls – bar only

Strength: deadlifts 3-3-3-3-3 (warm up sets performed on raised platform)

Strength/Skill: clean shrugs 2-2-2, clean high pulls 2-2-2

Finisher: push ups with bands/weighted

I threw in some deadlifting on raised platforms today i.e. stacked plates. The idea was to increase the distance the bar had to travel and therefore our range of motion making it a more difficult movement. Then for the working set we got rid and hopefully it seemed that little bit easier.

The finisher was inspired by a recent article I read about strengthening the overhead position. Long story short for a strong overhead position the little muscles that upwardly rotate the scapula are very important – upper traps, lower traps and serratus anterior.

Doing push ups into the fullest extension you can will develop the serratus – throw in some extra resistance in the form of bands to up the challenge. That aside, it made for a really hard, fun little end to the session. Go TEAM!

Check out some of the pics from Tuesday where the metcon was a 15 min AMRAP of 250m row, 10 burpees, 5 heavy kettlebells… expect lots more rowing this month with all the shiny new rowers!

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