WOD 1st September Saying Goodbye to my Thursday Peeps.

02 Sep

As the days draw in, I am closer to having my baby but that also means saying goodbye to my classes for a while. Sniff Sniff.

Today was my last Thursday, and far from going soft on you horrible lot I planned a nice little Barbell-Gymnastic complex from Crossfit Auckland in store for you.

Firstly drills were first on the board. Deadlift setup, Clean extension and catch followed by push press execution.

Satisfied. It was Deadlift strength time. 5 sets in total, building up to a decent 5+ set.

Where needed bumpers were used to get a really good set up and for Colm we changed it to a Sumo-deadlift.

Sumo Colm
Sumo Colm

Time to move on to the met con!

1 Jumps 2 Jumps 3 Jumps 4
1 Jumps 2 Jumps 3 Jumps 4

5 Rounds of

5 Deadlifts
5 Hang Power Cleans
5 Push Press
10 Pull ups
15 Box Jumps

Technique was key to surviving this monster. Most got through 4 rounds in 15-16 minutes with a couple of the advanced guys getting through the full 5 rounds at prescribed.

Well Done

Poor Richard!
Poor Richard!

We were left with 10 minutes to spare…..what to do in 10 minutes…………Duck Duck Goose! Whoop

A bit of fun to say goodbye to.

On Sunday I am having a farewell bbq and workout that you are all invited to. We will have a short WOD where you will train with a pretend baby bump before we break out the bbq and beers (obviously beers not for me)
Am looking forward to seeing goodbye properly to you all.

3 thoughts on “WOD 1st September Saying Goodbye to my Thursday Peeps.

  1. this work-out looks awesome. I am going to try it if I can sometime soon……..

  2. Starting at 2pm Cian.
    Bring a backpack and a pillow with you if you want to have the full pregnant experience!!!!

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