WOD 5th September All Games and Hard Work

07 Sep

Being my last class today I wanted to finish with some fun and games.

I have to say I was a little sad writing my last session plan, although I will be back at some point soon, I will miss the fun of teaching and the atmosphere of the gym.

Sniff Sniff.

Anyways on with the class!

I kicked off the sessions with team relays.

Tag Shuttle x4
Wheel Barrow x2
Piggy Rides x2
Leap Frogs x2

Harder then it looks!
Harder then it looks!
This little Piggy went to market.
This little Piggy went to market.
Loving the action shot
Loving the action shot

Following a bit of fun I had to slip in a bit of hard work.

Strength work today was Handstand Push ups!!! We are at the start of a new cycle.

To work this you must be ok with being on your hands. After a little practise holding a handstand stations were set up depending on the range you could achieve in the HSPU. Less range meant using mats under your head to lower on to.

The program was to do 10 sets of between 1-4 reps (not failure) starting on the minute every minute.

Handstands @ Dawn
Handstands @ Dawn

This was followed by some drill practise on overhead squats and sumodeadlift high pulls as they were the components in the WOD.

If you know your girls you will know that it is Charlotte.

Overhead Squats
SumoDeadlift High Pull

This should be between 6-12 minute workout with the weight prescribed at 42-30Kg.

Rauiri smashed it in less then 6 minutes at prescribed weight! Well Done Mate.
Others worked just as hard and all got respectable times Good Job Team.

Cam enjoying the Overheads
Cam enjoying the Overheads

I had just enough time at the end to play one last game.

Musical Squats………..It is based on musical statues but if you haven’t playing musical statues as a kid I will explain.

Music plays while you dance badly, when the music stops you freeze! If you move your a loser and are out.
Last man standing wins.

Musical Squats is the same except instead of dancing you squat! Simple.

Just an added note ……. Thanks to everyone who came to my Baby Wod/BBQ on Sunday. I had a fab time and have written up the details of the day on my blog, with of course some great photos.


I want to finish with a big thank you to everyone who has come to my classes and hopefully see you all again soon.

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