WOD 8 Sep: Functional fitness – holiday edition

08 Sep

Thursday 8 September

Suitcase deadlifts: from here...

Mobility: kipping

Skill: hollows, hollow rocks, headstands, wall walksscorpion kick ups

Strength: handstand push ups – test depth, then 5-5-5-5-5

Skill: rope climbs – Spanish wrap technique

Finisher: suitcase deadlifts

We made our way through lots of prep work for the handstand this morning. The focus being getting comfortable with getting up to begin with and then feeling out the hollow position when we got there. For some it was full steam with reps of HSPUs, for others it was just getting cool with being inverted.

... to here...

Some quick work on the ropes and the Spanish wrap approach.

And finishing off with some suitcase deadlifts. Functional indeed! Next time you’re heading away for the weekend and you pick up your heavy holdall with amazing ease, I truly hope you’ll think of me and whisper to yourself a little ‘thank you Chris, thank you‘.

Happy Birthday to Ruairi today – please feel free to let him know how he doesn’t look a day over 22 in the comments. Go TEAM!

... but without any 'droopage'

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