WOD Sept 3 and 4th: Double Feature and Kipping Squat clarification.

04 Sep

Note: My last class is going to be Tuesday. If you can’t make it Tuesday, make sure you come to mine and Kate’s party on Saturday, September 10th! The kipping squat clarification is halfway down the post in bold.

This is my last weekend working at Crossfit London, so prepare for the double feature!

Saturday: Power Cleans to Front Squats.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “What if my power clean and my Front Squat aren’t similar?”

Perfect the thing that needs the most work.

It’s not fun, but it’s necessary.

After our power clean/front squat practice, it was off to the WOD


15 min AMRAP

3 strict pull ups

6 ring dips

12 air squats

This is a lighter variation of a workout from crossfit park city, which didn’t look bad at all. A nice push and pull followed by a rest in the form of squats. It’s not too much fun to do right after having suffered through power cleans and front squats, and if you aren’t expecting it, it will sneak up on you. Over all though, it wasn’t a bad workout at all.

Arbitrary Awards for Saturday.

“Visiting Victor” To Ryan: His first time back in months and the guy hits 18 rounds. 6 in less then 4 minutes. Way to make everyone look bad dude.

“Hometown defender” To Naim: After the amazing performance from Ryan in the first class, Naim defended our honor by managing to hit 19 1/2 rounds. You guys are insane. Just FYI.

“If I can do it.” To Sally: Coming up on the end of her pregnancy, and still training hard, Sally managed to maintain a beautiful standard on her ring dips every single rep during the workout. Well done.

“Not from around here” To Visiting Christine and Eric: As Christine so eloquently put it, Crossfit London does things a big differently. Not to worry, we’re perfectly fine with that. Good job cleaning up your strict pull ups. Eric held an amazing standard on his ring dips so big major kudos on those.

As for the “kipping squat”? Found the reference here.

Thank God. The moderator clearly states that it’s not to be taken seriously and is for enjoyment purposes only.

You put the disclaimer of “it’s a joke” in front of something silly you do for fun, and then someone you don’t know, who doesn’t get the joke, turns it into a “thing”.

That’s how horsebic, tae bo, and powerplates started.

Off to Sunday

Sunday: Enter the Head rush.

Sunday was fun.

Unless you were hung over.

Our Strength portion was working up in handstand progressions to what everyone could do a few reps of. Which is one thing to do on a Tuesday, it’s something else to have to do Sunday morning when you’re barely alive.

Luckily, the second part of our day was Power Cleans.

Nothing wakes you up like being upside down and then suddenly having to clean up something heavy.

The WOD:

“Prairie Fire”

HSPU 12-10-8-6-4-2

Power Cleans 2-4-6-8-10-12 (70% 1RM)

This is one of “those” workouts.

You spend half your time upside down, with blood rushing to your head, then you spend the other half trying to force all that blood back down to your legs during power cleans. It’s horrible. I was very impressed with everyone’s ability to actually do handstand push ups, or at least negatives. You guys have come a very long way from when you started.

Good job to everyone and I will see you for my last class on Tuesday.


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  1. You’ll be sorely missed Phil!
    Sorely being the operative word, after your final kick up our collective back sides tonight!
    See you Saturday, you bring the steak, I’ll bring the women! (truth be told, I’ll probably just bring even more steak, cos I know what makes you happy)

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