WOD September 6th: A little rowing never hurt anyone.

06 Sep

So this was my last class and is my last post as a Crossfit London Coach.

Time to go out with a bang.

Or more accurately, to the plaintive whimpering of a dozen athletes.

Today’s skill session consisted of a nice and easy rowing primer. Far from the end all and be all of the more technical points of rowing, the concern was to get everyone comfortable suffering through short and medium distances on the rowers.

Then entered the Strength portion

Max distance row:

in 1 minute

2 minutes Rest

in 4 minutes.

Now, let it be known that I specifically stated, on several occasions, that this wasn’t a race, and that as the workout involved rowing, it was a good idea to keep some gas in the tank for later.

Problem is, once you start writing up how everyone else did on the board, someone just has to try to beat your distance by 1 meter. *COUGHRupertCOUGH*

Personally, I have no issue with everyone going as hard as they can during the skill session. It makes their reaction that much more hilarious when they hear the WOD.


Strict Jackie

1000 Meter Row

50 Thrusters @ 20KG’s

30 Strict Pull ups.

Considering the amount of moaning that I heard, you’d have thought that I hadn’t written up on the board or specifically mentioned that the WOD had rowing in it. Jackie is a tough combination to face: the rowing crushes your legs, and if you don’t remember to sequence your movement pattern correctly, it’s easy to tire your arms out as well. No one has any legs left for the thrusters, which are a very evil 50 reps. Finally, even if you pace yourself on the rowing, then the thrusters, there’s still another 30 pull ups that you can’t kip.

No matter what, you’re getting battered.

Some classes got to run the workout in 2 heats, each group had a partner next to them to count and help them pace through the workout. You guys did brilliantly and supported each other throughout the past few workouts. Keep up the good work.

Arbitrary Awards:

“Because I can” To Cam: Cam not only finished Jackie before the 12 minute cut off time, he did an extra 4 pull ups. Because. Yeah. That’s not scary at all.. (Also, best shirt ever: “My legs hurt because I kick so much ass.” )

“Rx’D for WHO?” To Kat: Poor Kat. You pick up one 24KG kettlebell ONE time, and the coach never lets you forget it. She did manage to get through 10 of her pull ups before the cut off though.

“18 with 32 years experience”To Kate. Who ALMOST, but not quite, got sick for the first time in my class. Way to keep it in check and finish the WOD strong. Your progress has been absolutely stellar.

3 thoughts on “WOD September 6th: A little rowing never hurt anyone.

  1. I recall I nearly puked in your very first class, too! Nice to round it off neatly.
    Great WOD, great coach – gutted you’re leaving us! You’ll be missed bigly xxx

  2. Nice farewell wod Phil. you will be missed 🙁

    Disagree on the t shirt being best ever (sorry Cam)- have you not seen Si’s “the wodinator” t shirt?

  3. I loved this wod..i think i ever recall saying ‘i hate you’ at some point :-)! we will miss!!

    also i agree ‘the wodinator’ tshirt is the best!! slight bias because i bought it!!

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