Back squats, followed by power snatches and double unders

24 Oct

5, 5, 5  Back squat

then the famous Games WOD.

15 Power snatches 35kg

30 Double unders

Amrap 10 minutes

6 thoughts on “Back squats, followed by power snatches and double unders

  1. This is quite a nasty wod. The 10 minutes is short enough to make you race it, but long enough to knock the lungs out of you.

    Well done to kate on her 1st full wod after graduating from beginners and foundation.

    To all those who struggle with double unders. this was your wake up call, buy your own skipping rope, and practise like mad.

    Top marks to our katarina who is rapidly turning into a machine! Go girl!

  2. Really annoyed with myself for not RXing the weight on this. I thought 25 was too hard, but 20 felt too easy after a while and no time to change. DU’s horrendous – must learn to string them together better.

    Crosspatch on a Tuesday morning…

  3. This first-time-proper WOD was surprisingly enjoyable, *especially* the shouting bit! Thanks Andrew and also Kat for the pointers.

  4. It was hard with 3kg above the Rx the 30 power snatches on Saturday were a good warm up. If there wouldn’t be for DU it would be lot harder but these saved me. Also my first heavy backsquat.
    Good times.

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