17 Oct
( By Brie)
So somehow Kirsty and I have been nominated for the Crossfit London Christmas Party Planning Committee (CLCPPC).  As honoured as I am to be part of this exclusive and special group, I’d like to ensure all processes in planning this fete are guided by a key mantra of mine: Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS).
Therefore, in the spirit of KISS and as co-First Lady of CLCPPC, I’d like to propose the following:
A Celebration of Grilled Meat: Crossfit London’s Xmas Do 2011
Where: Lahore Kebab House (or Tayaabs if booked), Whitechapel, E1 1PY
What: A set menu, probably consisting of: samosa/bhaji, plate after plate of mixed grilled meats, a selection of curries, rice and naan, some kind of sweet
How much: Need to check with the restaurant, but between £20-£25pp
-BYOB- so no need for awkward cheque calculations at the end of the night
Start/End: 7pm – 10pm, moving on to a pub afterwards
Here is what the Observer Food Monthly had to say about Lahore Kebab House:

This is an almost legendary Pakistani kebab house – nothing fancy, but they serve fantastic, unpretentious food at unbeatable prices. You may not get a menu or an itemised bill, but go with the flow and expect a feast for a tenner. Mixed starters usually include kebabs, spicy sausage and so on. Spicy lamb cutlets are good and roti is essential. Please take your own poison as they will not serve or sell any. There is an off-licence next door. Don’t confuse this place off Commercial Road with a couple of similar-sounding ones nearby.

So, here is what you need to do.  COMPLETE THIS DOODLE OUTLINING ALL AVAILABLE DECEMBER DATES BY WEDNESDAY October 19.  This will allow me to approach the restaurant with our group’s preferred dates and schedule something.

After we have a date, we’ll sell tickets on the website, with a deadline so we can give final numbers to the restaurant.

Lots of Love,

The CLCPPC (Brie and Kirsty)


  1. I am going to the Lahore Kebab house in two weeks so I will report back. I’ve been to Tayyabs a few times and imho the standard of the food doesn’t really make up for the poor service and long waits (even if you’ve booked a table.)

  2. Hey Mark,

    we have a secret, similar 3rd option if Lahore is booked (though doubtful, given they hold 350 people at any given time). Hope Lahore lives up to your expectations – the service is also ‘chaotic’ but for me thats part of the charm.


  3. Been to both a few times. I think Lahore Kebab House would suit a long dinner better, unless you can get a private room at Tayabbs.
    I love Tayabbs but I’m usually out of there about 30 minutes after sitting down. Also not that relaxing if you are sat next to the queue that snakes it’s way around the restaurant.

  4. Hi All.

    Just to announced that with all but 2 of our doodle participants being available, the overwhelming winner is SATURDAY DECEMBER 10.

    Put it in your diaries!!!

    We will put up all the final information when the tickets are set up and available, but it will be £25 per person and the menu is… … … UNLIMITED. (although I worry their definition of unlimited and our definition is very different and we’ll all get ejected like homer simpson from that seafood restaurant).

    Brie and Kirsty (the CLCPPC)

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