15 Oct

Saturday 15th October 2011 


Skills and drills today was the handstand. Split into groups to match our abilities.  We worked on engaging our cores and looking how this translates to the handstand.  After this practised kicking up  to the wall and once confident and settled we worked on correcting our shape. And if all this was sorted we tried out a few free handstands working on our balance.

After the WOD. A beast of a session today and a very big ask.

Five rounds for time of:

50 SDLHP 21 Burpees 15 KTE.  Suggested weights were 30kg and 20kg or less.

There were some impressive efforts today. Well done Edd for reminding me of this WOD.  Well done Naim for finishing.

This can be done in 25 minutes but generally any time sub 35 minutes is a good target.





7 thoughts on “Edd

  1. This was pretty nasty; what’s the protocol if we’re gonna throw up during a WOD?!?

    29.45 mins @ 20kg for the sdlhp

  2. When I walked into gym I felt about as popular as Allain Roland at the millenium stadium.

    I completed WOD in a little under 34 mins with a 24 kg kettlebell

  3. yeah thanks edd. still sore today.

    also, naim came in when I was 28:30 into this WOD and was all ‘brie, stop standing around!’
    He may have finished at 29:45 but I’m not sure the subsequent leg cramps and nausea weren’t worth it – were they naim? 😉

    I did 3 rounds plus 30 SDHP in 30 minutes, using 16kg kettlebell and scaled it to 15 burpees (but 15 ‘perfect’ burpees) and hated every minute of it. In hindsight I should’ve used a 12kg kettlebell and done 21 burpees…

  4. Yup – still hurting. Thanks Edd. I think its the meanest WOD for me so far.

    I managed 4 rounds (minus 4 KTE) with a 30kg bar bell in 30 mins. Although Naim did not say anything when he came in, he gave me the ‘you lazy sod’ look as I was standing around, trying not to collapse into Brie.

  5. I’ve managed 3 rounds + 50SDHP + 5 burpees in 25mins with the 20kg KB.
    Legs still pretty sore.

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