FGB 300 (Lunch and PM)

21 Oct

Tonight was a variation of Fight Gone Bad.


Here was the twist, rather than move fgrom each station after a minute, you moved ( if going RX) once you had achieved a score of 20 at each station.In this was you got to fel what a 300 score feels like.

We negotiated with some of tonights brave souls and agreed  more modest targets ( if it was their 1st time etc, or their last score had been sub 200) Youll see the score target for the none RX in the bracket before the name.

3 thoughts on “FGB 300 (Lunch and PM)

  1. Did 15 reps per station to get 225 in the time. Otherwise RX

    @ Brie – make every box jump a tuck jump. Voila – blue box conquered! Happy Birthday x

  2. Loved it….but I have no clue how to effectively dispatch a wall ball. Thanks Matt for getting me through with some great coaching.

    Just one thing……if we go to the trouble of setting up for a benchmark WOD like this, then we should be reasonably strict on the quality of the rep, especially if you have a coach.

  3. This was great – although at 21.20 mins I suspect I’m some way off achieving a 300 score in the real deal. did this pretty much as rxd -although used the blue wall ball instead of the pink one. Not sure what the weight diff is between the two…

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