Foundations 29 Oct 11: Snatch and grind

29 Oct

Power snatch practice, then building up slowly to a suitable load for

Max snatches in 2 mins

The mainsite version of this had 200m runs and pullups, but for foundations we had this:

AMRAP 25 mins
200m row
20 ring rows
200m row
20 pushups
200m row
20 situps
200m row
20 squats

One thought on “Foundations 29 Oct 11: Snatch and grind

  1. That’s a lot of work in 1 round! Well done Rebecca for getting 3 rounds, and to the others for not being too far behind.
    Brava, Lee! Her first foundations class – and every pushup done as a plank. Brill.
    Good job Paul, fantastic full load ring rows.

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