fun Games workout: Deadlift Burpee

10 Oct

By popular demand, we offer to our discerning membership, the world famous games wod of

Five rounds of

125kg deadlift x 5, Burpees x 10.

Its going to be interesting. Post your results, feelings, congratulations etc to comments below.




20 thoughts on “fun Games workout: Deadlift Burpee

  1. For the 630AM class, prior to this WOD we warmed up with double unders, pull ups, push ups, back extension, ghd situp & ohs.
    Then to get completely warm I threw in an old Sally & Steven favourite the Houston Kettlebell Test.
    Then Front Squats.
    Then the WOD!
    Steven is back on Wednesday so my reign of substitute teacher terror is over 🙂

  2. Did it girl’s RX’d at 80kg – took 9.39 (I think)
    Best moment – seeing the whole class cheer Cindy’s last few perfect burpees. Well done, lady! x

  3. Go Kate! I nearly died doing this WOD this morning, used 62.5Kg for the deadlifts and finished in 6.02. The burpees were not pretty.

  4. Just to add you’ve been great Alex, I’m just not sure there was a need for the HKB test this morning as PART of the warm up ….

  5. Ha! yes I know I slightly ‘over’ programmed this morning. It was a LOT of work and no time for bad jokes.
    At least it meant I didn’t have time to mention the rugby… did I just mention the rugby?

  6. Oh and for prosterity my time was 5:02… dropping/letting go on the deadlifts makes it easier but does not equate to a faster cycle time in my opinion.

  7. Thank you Brie! I’m not built for burpees, and I was convinced I would hurl half way through. I let go some of the deadlifts, but you still have to find the bar so agree with Efe.
    All these recent WODs seem more epic than the last – great fun!

  8. Patrick – great time, well done! Looking back it feels like I could have done better, especially on the burpees, but during the WOD it just hurt soooooooo much. Great work-out because I am already looking forward to trying it again!! The hallmark of a great WOD imo

  9. Thanks guys! Think i prefer these heavy short wods you can just blast through (think I get more out of them)

    Well done everyone.

  10. better late than never…. Sunday afternoon self-Wodicating

    Alex Douglas – 4:20
    Steven ‘Sneaky’ Shrago – 3:41

    I put this down to us both being veterans of the 100 burpee challenge and the music – Jump by Van Halen, a better WOD song you will not find

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