Heavy power cleans and weighted pull ups

05 Oct

tonight’s session was skills and the following workout

10, 8, 6, 4, 2

power cleans ( 80/60kg)

Pull ups (20/15)

To get the benefits we learned from the morning class and set very exacting standards. If the weight was not RXd, it had better be heavy. If you could power clean it 4 times in  row, it was probably too light. Also, if you used a band for your pull ups, you alternated band  pull ups with  a negative. No one was to be allowed to bounce up and down on a band like a baby bouncer.

Some great RXd performances from Efe, Martin and Pat.

however, dont rely on the photos,post your results to comments below.

Some nice handstands

32 thoughts on “Heavy power cleans and weighted pull ups

  1. delighted to struggle through at 70kg for the power cleans, and the 10/8 with 20kg,(although my injury ached so i finished 6, 4 and 2 with 16kg) a slow 16.39. still convinced i can power clean more, so very happy.

    ought to say great job to hannah and steven for having this chucked at them, and for Kirsty for the ” im not committing to the bar” quipes

  2. sod the wod. it was good, and i liked trying something heavy and slow… but all i care about is that i finally JUMPED ON THE BLUE BOX. like 20 times. goodbye yellow.

  3. Who is Neil??? And why didn’t he use a 20 kg plate? That’s some performance but EFE has to take the plaudits for an awesome time as Rx’d – well done big man!! I found the pull-ups impossible at Rx’d weight, so work to be done there! Efe was basically pulling up 120 kgs. impressive.

    It’s nice to see a WOD which gives us fatties a chance to compete with the gazelles 🙂 I think it’s great that times are being posted in public – and I like the picture approach too because it is an easy way to make a permanent record for us all to look back to in the future.

    My time – as pictured – was 13.09, but I will say I did take a minute or so to find a weight I could actually pull-up. I did less than the RX’d ladies weight 🙁

  4. I realised after starting I had alot in the tank for the power cleans (started at 75 and then went up to 80). After the 8 reps with 20 kgs my arms died so went down to 16kgs.

    Efe some time on it.

  5. Thanks Guys! This workout kind of had my name on it 🙂 no overhead pressing and lots of heavy weight to lug around! Including my own hehehe

    Colm- I think I had a good kipping technique going, and the bumper plate made it easier as you can wedge it between your legs to avoid, err… bumping.

    Lets see the Deadlift burpee workout from the games for Phil and me. 5x 125kg deadlifts+ 10 burpees 5 rounds for time 🙂 Or maybe we give King Kong a go?

  6. Well done peeps, Efe especially. Monster

    Those cleans were a killer. I never thought of kipping the pull ups. Is that safe on your shoulder joints etc?

  7. Hi all. This is my first time posting on here and my second week out of the foundations classes.

    My time didn’t make it onto the whiteboard but I completed in 17:58 using 50kg for the first set of power cleans, and 60kg for the rest. For the pull ups I started with 5kg for the first set and dropped to no extra weight for the remaining sets.

  8. Wasted time at the beginning of the wod having to change my weight down (competition ego!) and trying and failing like 4 times to get the last clean. Gah! Still thoroughly enjoyed it, although this morning I feel like I’ve been set about with baseball bats.
    Well done all the girls 😉

  9. Pat: Efe proved that you can kip weighted pull ups: simply a matter of protecting your gentleman vegetables. get the weight, clamp it between your legs, We may need to get some more of those harness things. at long last, its worth getting some more weight.

    Kate: oh, yes, c;lap clap to all the lovely women: as always you all rock. Its just that in my heart, Kates rocks a bit more because I love her.

  10. Nyawwwww! You’re so sweet!
    Good times for you tonight (injuries, doms and old age permitting 😉

  11. Phil: Neil has been training for about 2 months in the mornings. His diet consists of raw meat and petrol (which he drinks during class).
    I will give this WOD a go soon, some good targets to aim for…

  12. Awful never ever struggled in a WOD like that for AGES started with 75kg then dropped to 70kg for the 6-4-2 more rusty technique than anything, more sandbag running please!

  13. Efe, did you do it bare chested?

    You need to pay a fofeit if you didn’t….new rule from a few days back is biggest guns of the day must train bare chested.

    Thinking 30 burpees would do.

  14. I’ve self imposed the kipping ban Si mainly because my hands are soft from doing dishes and they cut to bits kipping and strict is harder!

  15. Does kipping heavy pullups not sort of rip your arms from your shoulder sockets?

  16. not to get tooo gendered (though things seem to be going that way) – if the best boy goes barechested (which could be a punishment as much as a prize, lets face it), can the best girl get some kind of crown?

  17. Pat, Si & Efe kipped the pullups… you did them strict, you just do it again kipping them and I’d say you d knock alot off your time.

  18. Prob not Colm. I’m not that great a kipper in terms of making me faster. My technique is so so. For me it makes the movement slightly less taxing but doesn’t really do a lot for my speed. It’s why my Fran time isn’t that great.

  19. 8:28 rx’d
    used dip belt with 20kg KB – no idea how Efe et al can hold a 20kg plate between their thighs!

  20. Nice work mate! Oh and I was wearing the belt AND clamping the weight between my thighs!

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