Holbrook Hell

12 Oct

tonights wod, after some kipping practise and 3,3,3,3,3,  Front squat was

Holbrook Hell

10 Ring Dips

200m (approx) sandbag run ( well, to the star and back!)

5 12kg pull ups ( bodyweight fro women)

Amrap n20 minutes.

Named after Phil Holbrook as its the 3 things in the world he hates most and sucks at

9 thoughts on “Holbrook Hell

  1. well done everyone! especially phil for slogging through this. “Ratings” to Cindy and her strict pull ups.

  2. Front squat up to 3 X 65kg. Never done 1 at that weight before.
    Glory was short-lived however as I sucked in the WOD, Red dips, 2 skinnys for pullups and 4 rounds completed – just.

  3. Front squats 3x45kg – equalling my previous PR

    I knew this WOD wouldn’t play to my strengths, so my goals were 1) to not walk with the sandbag ever at all and 2) to use the skinniest bands possible on the dips (double pink) – it was a good strategy!

    I got 4 rounds plus 10 dips, but I was really happy with doing 50 dips without going to my good ol’ standby, the blue band. (oh and i used the green band on pull ups)

  4. Thanks for your help on the front squats Phil. My body type also does not excel on this particular WOD. Very impressed with the others doing the six pm session…Also, I just realized I actually did 5 reps and not 4! What is it about pain / exhaustion and the inability to count properly!

  5. Really good session last night, thanks for the help with the front squats and the workout was a killer!!!

  6. i totally sucked at this work-out, it’s the dips that kill me everytime.

    at the start of every session I do I will try do 20 dips, 5 weighted pulls and L sit progressions. The running part will just have to improve on its own.

  7. Sorry about the cheat (no bag) – I just can’t seem to run with any weight without doing myself some damage, and I don’t mean just psychological damage, although it is pretty traumatic 🙂

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