Im sick of this: new equipment order

17 Oct

Every so often, i have to tear my hair out and work out what new equipment to buy, and where to buy it from. I must write my views on bits of paper and then loose them as, once again, I need to add to our stock of bumper plates and bars and i dont know who to go to.

I think we need to get 6 x olympic 7ft bars (20kg)  and 2 Ladies bars ( normally 15kg if you can  get them), and i think we need  2 sets of 25kg bumper plates ( just to keep Efe and Jannis happy) and probably 3 or 4 more sets of  20kg as more and more of our client hit RX workouts.


For the astute ones amoung you, you will notice we are on the verge of running short of 5ks, or at least we have a pile of 5kgs from Jordans that broke as soon as we got them. Ive been told we can expect replacements soon, as well as a replacement of the Jordan bar (that everyone liked). Zak told me other had the same problem so it looked like a faulty batch.

That said the Black bumpers supplied by wolversons look to good value, and the bar they sent seems to be standing up well.

We have not yet evaluated much of the York stuff ( we have some stands and sone 5k discs)

So we need to get lots of quotes. This is where you can help. If you find a source can you get the price (including vat!!) and a estimate of cost, and a link

Required in the next few weeks, quotes on

so 6 x 20k olympic weight lifting bars

2 x 15kg olympic weight lifting bars

2 x 2 sets of 25kg ( ie 4 bits in total)

4 x 2 sets of 20kg ( ie 8 bits)

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  1. B&R bars are EUR 270 through Rogue Europe – best available budget bars apparently. With shipping EUR 305 (£265).

  2. just got quote back from Pullum and have forwarded to Andrew & Steven.
    Eleiko Mens Training Bar – 20kg 6 * £562.50 = £3,375.00

    not £900 but still a lot more than the Rogue ones. IMO we need 2 or 3 good quality bars (eg to the standard of ‘Old Rusty’ and the other nice new one with the ballbearings) and the rest should be decent quality with no probs being dropped at 60kg or less.

  3. wolversons

    Pair of 5kg (£60.00 inc VAT)
    Pair of 10kg (£65.00 inc VAT)
    Pair of 15kg (£95.00 inc VAT)
    Pair of 20kg (£125.00 inc VAT)
    Pair of 25kg (£155.00 inc VAT)

    i do like the way they quote for a pair and include vat rather than sneaking it on later. This would be in the style of the black ones.

    and for the bars
    tested Weight Limit 350kg
    -28mm bar
    -Open bearings
    -Split sleeves
    -Bar weight 13kg
    -Spring Collars
    7ft Olympic Barbell
    -Bar weight 20kg
    -Open bearings
    -Tested Weight Limit 600kg
    -Soft Knurl
    -Inc Spring Collars
    More Details… In stock
    5ft Olympic Lifting Bar (£123.00 inc VAT)
    7ft Olympic Lifting Bar (£175.00 inc VAT), thats lie the one we road tested from them. seems popular!

  4. from jordans we got this

    7ft Elite Steel Series High Performance Bar
    Price: £171.35

    7ft Elite Olympic Bar (tested to exceed 750kg)
    Premium grade bearings for smooth operation
    Durable, brushed steel finish
    28mm grip
    Yellow, high visibility end cap
    Spring steel, heat treated to HB400
    185,000 psi
    Length: 2200mm
    Diameter: 28mm
    Weight: 20kg.

    we liked it, but the end fell of and we are still waiting for a replacement.
    note the price would be plus vat

    bumper plates, coloured

    93 (25kg)
    74 (20kg)
    18.69 (5kg), but this is for singles and vat needs to be added

  5. if possible can we get more of the lovely lady bars? I find the proper 20kg bars too big for my hands but feel bad always sneaking in and grabbing the 15kg bar before other girls can take it :-S

  6. Hurrah for more lady bars for our delicate wee hands!

    What’s a hex bar? Is it cursed?

  7. I don’t think we have any real need for a hex bar to be honest, it only really has one purpose (perhaps two if you count farmer carries) and a standard oly bar can fulfill the same function plus a bunch of other movements that the hex couldn’t (hex cleans anyone?)

  8. input from York

    The Bar which nearly all UK Crossfit Affiliates go with is the 32002 Elite Olympic Training Bar. £315.00+VAT

    In the US, we produce a bar for Burgener & Rippentoe and the base of the bar is the 32004 Elite Power Bar: £299.00+VAT

    Although we do offer a cheaper selection of bars such as the Men’s & Women’s Bearing bar (32110 & 32111) these are only advisable for lighter WODs due to the different grade steel we use in the construction.

    As for the plates, the 28052 20kg Solid Rubber Plate is the choice of all our clients. Please remember that no other company who produce these plates drop test them 30000 times, many only do 4000, which from your vast experience isn’t too many WODs in a club.

    Delivery is Free of Charge

  9. jordans quote

    6 x bars £527
    2 x ladies bars £125
    4 x 25kg red plates £261.27
    8 x 20 blue £418 .04 but plus vat and £55 delivery

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