Introducing Sebastian

03 Oct

Am home from the hospital settling in with my little man.

He had a very dramatic entry which you will have to watch this space for details…….it was epic!

A few pictures for you to look over in the mean time.

Thanks for all your wishes, visitors will be welcome shortly.

First Nappy Change
First Nappy Change
Finding his Thumb
Finding his Thumb
Waiting to come home
Waiting to come home


11 thoughts on “Introducing Sebastian

  1. Bless!!!! Won’t be long before his legs fill out those pants! Well done you xxx

  2. I love his massive trousers in the bottom pic…

    He’s already got his knees out and in a squatting position, he’s gonna be a stud!

  3. Sally, beautiful–both of you! I’ll be on the lookout for the pix of him doing the WOD.

  4. couldnt see a crossfit london logo anywhere!

    A waste of a good marketing opportunity

  5. Greetings from South Africa and congratulations Sally!! Need to get Sebastian a CrossFit t-shirt asap for Andrew!!

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