22 Oct

Saturday 22nd October 2011

Today the strength component was front squat. Personally despite the wrist pain etc I have come to prefer this as it feels safer for my lower back.  Does anyone else feel this?

2×5 1×5+

Then on to the WOD: ISOBEL

A Snatch version of the Crossfit classic, GRACE.

30 reps for time of Power Snatches 60kg/40kg

Its still lifted from the ground but you land with only a little knee bend, nice and tall. So you need to really have the bar as far up the chest as possible. A massive triple extension before you go under the bar.  Beautiful.

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9 thoughts on “Isobel

  1. 2:28 with 40kgs…still taking it easy on the back although I probably should have gone heavier with this…

  2. 3.58 first 20 with 28kg, last 10 with 30.5kg. Next time will be heavier all the way through.

  3. Tried a few reps at 60kg in warmup but was putting in a bit of pressing action to get it up so went for 50kg in 3:50

  4. 3:30 with 40kg. Was doing presses to get the bar over my head at the end as I couldn’t feel my legs anymore!! They were wobbly all day after.

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