Legs, legs and more legs

08 Oct

Two weeks away, again, I know I know. But I did have good reasons.  Hell I’m moving house on Monday so I could see you guys today.

I got the chance to teach skills and drills today.  We have some new kit the Concept Rower.  We have a couple of different models but they all work on the same principles.  We set up our rowers and talked through some of the controls. I loved the fact that I was able to educate some that you could adjust the footplates to your size!  Never assume any level of knowledge.  We explained the slidey lever thingy and how it simulates drag in the water and how it does not need to be set to 10 all the time.  We looked at how to efficiently spin the fly wheel up with a quarter, half and then full pull.  There was lots of talk about legs arms, arms legs and ankles knees and hips. If you were there this would all now make sense.

After this it was on to the WOD.

A 15 minute blast of 5 minutes of air squats, 4 minutes of box jumps, 3 minutes of lunges, 2 minutes of pistols and 1 minute of jumping squats.  A great leg blaster. You simply count your total reps and that’s the score to beat next time. I have seen people get 300 squats alone and go on to score 500+ reps.  If you were nearing 300 for a total you were doing very well. This is a great hotel or park WOD. Keep it in your back pocket for the future.

After, we had time for an Afterparty of Tabatta press ups. I wanted to demonstrate how much we use our legs when doing press ups.  Holding that plank position uses all our core and that includes our glutes and quads.  Which were nicely fried.  And even better we had time for a cloakroom check out of open to the floor.  We had Tabatta sit ups and a pull up ladder.  Good choices.

The day ended with a visit from a our very own Crossfit London mum, Sally Dixey. We got to see Sebastion and had a chance to catch up with Dad too.  Good job guys!   All the best for the future.


12 thoughts on “Legs, legs and more legs

  1. I got 305, almost half of which were squats from the first 5 mins. Jumped on the yellow box+2 thick mats (mental aversion to blue), pistols onto a box which meant I got pretty high reps. And now I can’t walk.

  2. 296 using green box and the bench for pistols that one more than Allan’s Woohooo! I normally try not to compare myself to the rest, but this one’s just too good to resist 😀

  3. 419, green box and bench for pistols. I’m terrible at pistols, especially on my left leg! if someone can teach me how to do these, I’ll buy them a cupcake 🙂

  4. I managed 404 – green box and a couple of plates for the pistols (also terrible at these). Safe to say I no longer have what they used to call legs.

  5. Pat + anyone else who wants to get better at pistols:
    do 5 each leg every time you come to the gym. Go off a box, bum to ankle, Gradually you will be able to hold your leg out straighter in front.
    You’ll have full pistols before too long.

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