saturday morning review

31 Oct

Colin does an exceptional job on saturday morning, combining charm, exercise excellence and unimaginable cruelty, in a series of beautiful wods. Well done,

But we have notice a pattern we have a packed 10.30, and a packed 12.30, with a poorly attended 11.30 session.

so some ideas

1)  start booking into the 1130 asap and /or

2) would you like us to experiment with a 10.30 and an 1130 class with a 12.30 to 2.30 drop in strength session ( like the sunday  session)

any other idea or comments welcome

10 thoughts on “saturday morning review

  1. I book into the 12:30 classes and almost always come. I like the lie in! Then I get to go and smash a lunch afterwards. More strength sessions though would also be a welcome addition…

  2. I would rather have the three class options as currently provided, even though I almost always go to the 1030.

    I’m not really interested in the strength drop ins, I’m happy with the amount currently provided in class.

  3. Agree with Nick, takes me ages to start functioning in the morning so the 12.30pm class is ideal. Perhaps offer the 11.30am class as a skills practice class.

  4. Would definately want to keep the 12:30 WOD class. I like Richards idea of opening up the 11:30 for a skill/strength session.

  5. I am happy to come at 10.30 every Saturday as afterwards I am left with the whole day to do what I need to do. Also if I come to the strength session I do not seem to utilise the time efficiently. 11.30 as a genral skill practice would work (gives people a non-WOD option).

  6. I am happy with the 10.30 session every Saturday as it gives me time for the rest of the day to do what I need to do. Also I do not seem to utilise my time efficiently when I come into Sunday’s sessions.
    11.30 as a skill session is a good idea as it gives people a non-WOD option.

  7. How about 11:30 as a “Benchmark WOD” session? Where we have the benchmark WODs (Fran, Helen, Cindy etc.) + some other benchmark type areas (Crossfit Total, 2k row etc.) where athletes know what will be happening that class (alá Beginners) and the Coach can spend say 15-20 minutes warming the athlete’s up with the movements, giving coaching cues and tips on how to cycle faster, mobility and stretching for the upcoming muscles/positions and dividing the class up in to heats and pairing up counters.

    These would rotate to ensure they were varied and the same ones weren’t coming up all the time.

  8. 1130 am is my class of choice, but I know I’m in the minority… 1030 is always packed a week ahead and 1230 seems too late! I like the benchmark WOD idea, I like the drop in (but honestly I”d probably just try and do the WOD of the class before). why doesn’t anyone else like 1130?


  9. I personally prefer the 11:30 time over the 10:30 time, but I like to train with other people and if I see a class that has 5 people in it vs a class that has 1 person in it, i’d prefer to go to the class with 5 people.

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