The Experiment

29 Oct

Saturday 29th October 2011

Skills day today. Going to look at the muscle up. We do not see it programmed  very much but everyone wants to do one.  It has so many side benefits. Improves grip strength, core stability, and your ring dips are a few of many



I have been experimenting with structured rest intervals.  Different amounts and frequencies  built into the WOD.  Let me know how this one felt.

4 min AMRAP
7 DL 70/40KG 7 burpees 7 pull ups
1 min rest
4 min amrap
5 DL 5 Burp 5 PU
1 min rest
4 min amrap
3 DL 3 Burp 3 PU
Look forward to hearing your feedback.


5 thoughts on “The Experiment

  1. I’m interested as to why the prescribed women’s weight is 40kgs? That’s nearly half the men’s RX’ed.

  2. Good wod but as I said I’d have made the deadkift weight 100kgs. Dips hurt after though 🙂

  3. Guys the weights I post are suggested starting points. I don’t tend to post required weights. The suggestions are based on the standards I see in the classes. But you should always feel you can go heavier or lighter.

  4. Nice WOD Colin. If there wouldn’t be for pull ups I will do much better. The last AMRAP was probably the easiest but I next time I would go heavier on the deadlifts.
    Total reps: round 1 – 51, round 2 – 42, round 3 – 43 (Rx)

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