Want: Demonbells

19 Oct

Let’s face it…the kit we use is purely functional. Barbells kind of all look the same. Dumbbells are boring. Even kettlebells just look like little evil lumps of metal…which is why I LOVE the look of these!

I so want a set…



6 thoughts on “Want: Demonbells

  1. That 20kg is deffo a girl – complete with flower behind where the ear once was! Please buy!!!!

  2. this is a natural progression from your ‘lets name all the kettlebells’ phase…

  3. If you have a look at the website they have taken all of that in to account Cian, and have ensured the back angles are smooth and correct and the grip is friendly for high repetition work. As long as you don’t do the snatch the wrong way round, you’d be fine!

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