WOD 14 October 2011 (am and pm): Cindy

14 Oct

A classic CrossFit London benchmark WOD, and a great to opportunity to see if all that heavy squatting, pressing and pulling transfers over into a higher level of performance.


AMRAP 20mins

5 Pull-ups (standard: chin over the bar, kipping permitted)

10 Push-ups (standard: chest touches the deck, full lockout at the top)

15 Squats (standard: below parallel, hips fully open at the top)


14 thoughts on “WOD 14 October 2011 (am and pm): Cindy

  1. Got 9 rounds + 3 pull ups. Managed to complete using a red band and proper push ups throughout which was my aim 🙂
    Last did this WOD almost exactly a year ago and got 14 rounds with a green band and push ups from knees so I’m happy enough that even though my rounds have gone down in number there’s been some improvement in workability.

    1. @Harriet – that was great work! 90 full range-of-motion push-ups is a huge improvement! And don’t underestimate the difference that moving from the green band down to no band makes!

  2. 15 rounds + 3 push ups
    It was all about the push ups, they are my nemesis. Felt good about my form was either chest, cheek, chin or forehead to deck every single rep.
    Harriet, I definitely think your Cindy today is better than last year. 90 push ups is awesome.

  3. 11 Rounds + 4 PUs (RX + Hangover). I now have very sore moobs. Thanks for coming down Andrew – its obvious that you were suffering. The kipping drills after Cindy were very helpful.

  4. I can’t add picture but here are the results for the evening classes:

    Cian 15r + 1 push up (Rx’d)
    Aaron 17r + 7 push ups (Rx’d)
    Martin 17r + 7 push ups (Rx’d)
    Kat 11r + 1 push up (Rx’d)
    Yuri 15r + 1 push up (Rx’d)
    Ruairi 21r + 5 squats (Rx’d)
    Ben 8r (green band)
    Chris 11r (Rx’d)

    Well done guys!

  5. 15 rounds 1 press up.

    Was in the 5pm class with Aaron and Martin who both smashed it with 17 rounds…

  6. 21 rounds + 5 squats. Not a PB push ups were poor.

    The 5 o clock team went shirtless for extra HAWTNESS ….. go team!

  7. 11 rounds + 1 press up (Rx’d).

    Did this WOD at the beginning of July and got 11 rounds + 3 pull ups (with the red thick band and push up on the green box).

    And I also got my first kipping pull up today.

    Well done to Cian, Aaron, Martin, Ruairi, Yuri, Chris for doing the WOD Rx’d and Ben for the first time doing Cindy. Great work guys!

  8. Yeah Katarina was awesome too. She didn’t join the 5pm topless crew though!!!!

    Ruairi- 21 rounds blows my mind. You’re my hero.

  9. Sorry Cian, didn’t want to distract you all from hitting your PBs…

    But one day when I will aim for the top place on the white board I might join you.

  10. Holy tendonitis Batman! My first brush with Cindy… three days on and I still can’t fully straighten my right arm.

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