WOD 17th October 2011 (am & pm): Fran

17 Oct

No Heavy Fran, Fran-in-a-boat, Narfran, or any of the other countless variations. Just the original, iconic CrossFit WOD*.


Barbell thrusters (42.5kg)

Pull-ups (kipping permitted)


Scores, weights and scaling in the comments please! Have at it!


0630 scores

Alex D – 5:11 (Rx)
Steven – 5:26 (Rx)
Neil – 5:52 (Rx)
Adam B – 7:00 (Rx)
Ben – 7:01 (Rx)
Vivek – 7:22 (30kg/blue band)

and the pm lot



*Technically the original, original Fran was performed with two 15kg dumbbells. Just so you know.


18 thoughts on “WOD 17th October 2011 (am & pm): Fran

  1. 30sec PR for me it seems. Cracking effort from everyone this morning. Very fast time from Alex and particularly great efforts from Ben and Adam for first time RX’d.

  2. 2nd Fran for me. Previous was 6:07 so very happy with time. First set of pull ups did unbroken, got my best ever kip going. Kip went a bit ropey on the 15 & 9.
    Forearms felt like concrete for a good 10 minutes after this WOD.

  3. Felt guilty all morning that I didn’t make the class (I’ve had a chest infection so it was a real excuse) but seeing that you did Fran I don’t feel quite so guilty anymore – the last time I did this workout I couldn’t lift my arms for a week 😉

    On the mend now so see you on Wednesday morning! (and yes I have been practicing my push up’s even while sick)


  4. Liked the Fran-and-go format – wasn’t fit for anything else anyway.
    RX 30kg thrusters but red/blue/boyfriend assisted pullups at a slow 13+mins, urgh!
    Well done Rosie and Ruarie!

  5. 3:54 with some comedy kipping. Enjoyed it managed a pb by 50 seconds.

    Well done Richard great work on the thrusters

  6. 8:50 or something like that… worse than my last score which was around 6:30

    I hit a wall somewhere in the second round and after that it was tunnel vision. I just wanted to go home!

    dont know if i ate right today, usually im ok blood sugar wise but after this one I was in a bad state.

  7. I feel that Ruairi is altogether too much of a nice guy to be getting these disgusting times on WODs!

    Very inspiring 🙂

  8. a massive well done to efe who obviously walked into the worst wall of his life but stomped through it. we felt your pain.

  9. Brilliant times, especially Ruari , cam and Alex. Impressed.

    That wod is my nemesis, I always die by the second round. Forearms like pop eye 🙂

  10. Thanks Andrew – I was pleased as it was my first go at Fran (been over a year) without assistance for pull-ups. Definitely Rx-in it next time. Thanks to Rosie for her encouragement – it kept me going XX

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