WOD 18 Oct: Double Under and Push Press couplet

18 Oct

Skill: double under and push press run-through

Strength: front squat 5-5-5

Metcon: 35-25-15-5 of double unders and push press (40/28)

Post front squat weights and metcon times to comments.

5 thoughts on “WOD 18 Oct: Double Under and Push Press couplet

  1. I took advantage of just Ruairi and Trev in the first class and joined in:

    Front Squat: 102.5kg/544
    Metcon: 10.43 (Rx)

    I knew I shouldn’t have worn my clown shoes, they’re no good for double unders. But at least they attract less attention than my vibrams on the tube.

  2. Front Squat:
    1 set x 5 reps @ 102.5kg
    2 sets x 4 reps @ 102.5kg – failed twice on 5 reps

    Metcon: 9:06

    Think I/we need to do more double unders, as soon as they are in a WOD I pretty much fall apart at them.

  3. Tuesday mornings with Chris “The spiritual home of the front squat” 😉

    Front squat:
    Stuck with 90 kg today for 3 sets of 5…..still feeling pain from Cindy and Edd!
    Metcon 9.09 with singles.

    Agree with Rory on the DU practice…… I am off to the garden to practice at lunch 😉

  4. Deadlifts same as Ruiari metcon subbed push press (to try and save my knackered shoulder) for SDHP 10.26

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