21 thoughts on “WOD 19th October 2011 (am & pm): Elizabeth

    1. @Si – strangely there is no guidance on the crossfit.com site on this. It is one of those eternal mysteries…

      …actually it isn’t. Where squat cleans are prescribed they are always directly referenced. When the direction is ‘clean’ or ‘snatch’, it typically refers to the power version e.g. Grace

  1. I know what you’re saying in that if it’s a Snatch or Clean and they don’t specifically prescribe “squat” then it means it can be taken as a power snatch or clean, but in Crossfit circles it seems to be accepted that in Elizabeth it’s nearly always Squat Cleans and in Grace it’s Power Cleans, probably because of it being much quicker to get the weight overhead. But obviously both can be done alternatively for a different stimulus.

    1. I thought the same, but reading through the Board there was a wide variety of opinions on the matter. I ended up being sold on power cleans after reference to Greg A. (the original firebreather…sigh) video where he completed Elizabeth with power cleans.

  2. I think it ought to be the other way round. If a clean or snatch is prescribed, the default is squat.
    Not that I intend to do anything but power cleans tonight.

  3. squat cleans as Rx’d here:

    “power” elizabeth here:

    I guess its power elizabeth today! Greg did it in 4:32 apparently!

  4. 9.43 – a whole 2 mins faster than 3 months ago!

    However, although cleans were RX at 40kg, had to use 2 skinny bands instead of one as my triceps were FRIED form Fran on Monday and it would have been just too cruel.

    Well done everyone x

  5. 9:39 … 35kg and 2 red bands for dips. big thanks to efe for cheering me on. this is the first wod in months where i felt ‘the hunger’ – recovering from injury has meant pacing and playing it safe, but it was nice to push myself a bit on this one.

    finisher: approx 30 blue box jumps.

  6. Hi Andrew, could you let me know what my time was from your photo? – The Stone Roses reunion and subsequent Stones Roses 7pm WOD jam has sent me into a reverie. I think it was 9ish minutes with the red band – could be anywhere between 7 and 11 to be fair.

    Ring dips are my nemesis – power cleans are my friend.

  7. Hi Alex – you were 8.24.
    Glad to be able to supply Stone Roses greatest hits for a laid-back, baggy soundtrack to our suffering 😉

  8. 5.34 mins, but using only 40kg due to back injury… That said, it’ll be a long time before I’d contemplate using 60kg anyway!

    Really sad to have missed the Stone Roses session!

  9. Naim….Stone Roses tickets go on sale at 9.30am tomorrow. Don’t miss it…..and if you cant go, please buy as many tickets as you can and I will gladly take them off your hands. Please!!

  10. power cleans easy peasy

    ring dips a different story


    I am going to invest in some rings I think……..

  11. Shit day at work – and the WOD (with 40kg and a band for the dips) did make me feel like I needed to boke. But deadlifted 120kg for the finisher so went home very happy!

  12. 7.37 same time as Andrew he’s 10yrs older than me but also a fitness proffesional so I’m happy with the time 🙂

  13. i am not a fitness professional ! Im now a sedentary fitness administrator, but one with a fabulous physique.

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