WOD 20 Oct: Front squats and gymnastic skills

20 Oct

Strength: Front Squat 5-5-5

Skill: headstands into ring headstands

Finisher: L-sit tests

Post front squat weights to comments

6 thoughts on “WOD 20 Oct: Front squats and gymnastic skills

  1. Front Squat:

    3 sets x 5 reps @102.5kg – only got 4 reps on second set.

    Headstands on the rings were fun

  2. Front Squat:

    3 sets x 5 reps @ 70kg. four reps on first set. Meh, wasn’t feeling great this morning…

    Ring headstands were indeed good fun!

  3. Front squat:
    1 set of 5 @ 90kg
    1 set of 5 @ 100kg
    1 set of 5 @ 105kg

    Had to stop due to a lat-twinge.

    Congratulations Chris on winning the L-sit finisher comp. Way to go!! Woo-hoo.

    Loving the Madchester/Indie music revival.

  4. Round up: finisher was L-Sits where by I kept placing plates under the feet. Everyone had to achieve 10 seconds without the feet touching the plates to progress to the next round.

    I resent being accused of programming finishers that I know I can win!

    Go TEAM… well done Patricia on the front squat – three sets at 62.5kg! She’s quickly gaining on the boys. And good work Trevor and Ruairi who improved on Tuesday’s front squat numbers. Chris, excellent work on the headstands for adapting very quickly and well done Alex who had me worried for the L-Sit competition.

  5. Great sesh this morning front squats feeling a lot better with a little bit of foot adjustment 3 sets of five at 102.5kg Little bit of gymnastics always goes down well too!

  6. And well done Chris not only winning the L-sit comp but also getting Alex out of bed for a 7am start, a true fitness professional!

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