WOD 21st October 2011 (am): Heavy squatting

21 Oct

Change of pace from the all the benchmark WODs from earlier in the week. Time to get under the bar and do some hard yakka.

1RM Overhead squat

1RM Front squat

1RM Back squat

Squatting numbers
Squatting numbers

I counted 9 PRs this morning! Special congratulations to both Ben and Vivek for PRing on all three of their lifts!

8 thoughts on “WOD 21st October 2011 (am): Heavy squatting

  1. gah! i really want to try this again now that I don’t have a cold… stupid birthday party ruins everything.

  2. How do you recommend getting the bar overhead for practicing heavy OHS’s? I want practice it when i have an opportunity but it always feels like I should have spotters to do it safely?

    1. @Efe – yikes! The last place you want spotters is anywhere near you when you are overhead squatting. Far too dangerous when it goes wrong!

      Main things to look for would be a rack to lift from, especially when it gets heavy. And plenty of space to drop the bar on to as well.

      Things to practice (other than the squat itself) would be push pressing or ideally push jerking the bar overhead to get yourself ready to perform the movement.

      Always start lighter than you need to, and get the technique squared away before going heavy. Bear in mind, the limiting factor for ohs is shoulder strength and flexibility.

  3. wonderful – fight gone bad with a stinking hangover. This is going to be humbling.

  4. im coming to fgb tonight but really want to try this squat medley

    can this be programmed over the next few weeks pls?

  5. Pat: Why not come down on a Sunday for the strength catch-up session to hit it then? You can get it done in your own time and pace at these sessions plus also work on other goats!

  6. Yeah def will look at coming depending on football

    Was thinking about using it to do benching as that’s something we never do. Anyone seen a benefit to increasing their bench with regard to the other lifts/xfit wods?

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