WOD 25 Oct: At Ruairi’s request…

25 Oct

Skill: handstand work

Skill: double under and overhead squat practice

Metcon: 3 rounds of overhead squat, 10 reps (60/40) and double unders, 50 reps (taken from the main site 19th Oct and requested by Ruairi)

Effin' and Jeffin'

17 thoughts on “WOD 25 Oct: At Ruairi’s request…

  1. Nasty little met con this 55kg ohs 11.43 (think) well done all especially Alex D well done dude

  2. 12.10 with 40kg (unracked) – with hindsight should’ve gone a little heavier I think.
    Still got some way to go on getting proper depth on my OHS…
    Good fun though – cheers Chris (and Ruairi)

  3. Around 15 minutes I think with 50kg.
    8am class – sorry for all the double under-related swearing!

  4. I always considered Ben a mild-mannered sort of chap. After today’s display I see him with new eyes. Slightly scared and wary eyes.

  5. 14.15 with 60 kg and singles. Skipping (badly) is aggravating an old Achilles injury…may have to completely rule it out. Shame.

  6. I think the optimal length is if you step on the middle of the rope with one foot, pull both handles up and they should be roughly at armpit/nipple height. I could be wrong though.

  7. from the RX website:
    some good vids here: http://store.rxjumpropes.com/pages/Videos.html

    Method #1 – The most accurate method would be for you to measure a rope that you currently use. That’s a rope that lets you jump with your normal posture using your normal mechanics while allowing for adequate clearance overhead (usually 6 to 8 inches) and a bottom out point within 12 inches from your toes.. That measurement is of the rope only, not including the handles. Please pay attention if your current rope has a flexible cord. The stretch in a flexible cord could add and additional 4 to 6 inches to an Rx cable. We will then custom cut your Rx Jump Rope to that exact measurement.

    Method #2 – The next method is a 2 part process to find a general cable length.

    1) First take your height if you’re 5’6″ or shorter and add 2’10” to it. Example: 5’6″ plus 2’10” equals 8’4″.

    Or take your height if you’re 5’7″ or taller and add 3′ to it. Example: 5’7″ plus 3’0″ equals 8’7″.

    Write down that length to reference later.

    2) Next would be to follow the universal standard of measuring from the BASE of your sternum for athletes 5’7″ or taller or to the MIDDLE of your sternum for athletes 5’6″ or shorter, down under the arch of ONE foot and back up to the same spot on the sternum. Make sure to wear your normal work out shoes and stand up straight while taking this measurement.

    Now compare the 2 lengths from Part 1 and Part 2 and either choose the longer one or split the length down the middle. Either one should be a reasonable length for you to jump effectively with. This is only a general guideline to help you get started.

  8. Thanks for putting this info up, Alex – very useful.

    I think I’ll order 2 ropes: one for my current ability, and an aspirational one (100+ DU’s – ho ho!)
    Quite fancy on of their t-shirts too…

  9. Veronika that one looks ok to me. The main thing is that the cable should be non stretchy. I bought one from Sugar Rays early this year and it’s ok for a bit of single skipping but stretches too much for double unders.
    I know I’m getting violated by paying $US47 (incl delivery) for my ‘Black Ops with Ultra 1.8 cable’. But I also know that it is specifically built for purpose (DU’s) and I’m using the same rope that top competitors use in the games (who are competing for $250K).
    It’s nice to have no worries at all about the equipment you are using, and gives you no excuses. Like going for a deadlift PR with Old Rusty. It’s all down to you coz you know damn sure Old Rusty is up to it.

  10. I see your point, Alex. At the same time I know that buying a Ferrari is not going to convert me into Michael Schumacher, so it is a bit hard for me to justify this expense when I am pretty much just learning how to drive. I think I will experiment and buy the other one and then we can have a look at them in the gym and see how they compare.

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