WOD 26th October (am and pm): Elizabeth (part 2)

26 Oct

So after the wailing and gnashing of teeth at the power clean Elizabeth that we ran last Wednesday, we decided to give you the chance to try the squat clean version. ‘Cos that can only end well…



Squat cleans (60kg/40kg)

Ring dips


Once again Neil, in the 0630 session put down a marker for the rest of the day…

Note: we capped the WOD at 15mins for the 0630 session.

Andrew’s update

For the later  sessons we’ll look at  a 17 minute cut-off, (just because I took 15.36. That’s abuse of power, that is).  The WOD was followed by some deadlift fun, and the opportunity to practise a “Janis” (a strict bar muscle-up, as inspired by Janis)

for those confused as to exactly what a Janis is


12 thoughts on “WOD 26th October (am and pm): Elizabeth (part 2)

  1. manged 10kg on my weighted dips – yay! But actually really quite disappointed I didn’t finish before the cut off in the WOD. The cleaning part was fine, it was the standing up with the brute from the squat that was hard :-(. Last did this WOD in Feb with squat cleans at 30kg and a blue band, so at least there was progression in the work factor.

  2. What should be the difference in time between this and the power clean version? Twice as long?

  3. a quick look indicates that those with poor front squat figures ( me , matt yuri) doubled our times, but good front squatters like trevor, pat, only added a couple of minutes

  4. 14.18 with 40kg and one skinny band this time. Agree with Harriet – standing up was hard – ended up on my knees a couple of times. Overall, pleased.
    Was rubbish at the Janis, though, despite boyfriend assistance.

  5. That’s it the gloves are off no more doing wods in cycling shorts, the chamois is costing my valuable seconds! Well done everyone btw

  6. Wow I am achey this morning after yesterdays exertions – discovering that drinking coffee uses shoulder muscles. Might have to invest in a straw …

  7. sorry i missed this folks. I promise to get beasted with both this work-out and the Isobel from Sat sometime v soon.

    I have been working on my shoulder muscles by engaging in pint drinking for time (the missus is away).

  8. PS – Just realised my rounds are wrong I did 4 rounds and 9 cleans – not 8 rounds (I wish)…

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