WOD 28th October (am & pm)

28 Oct

Warm-up: 10 rounds of ‘death by 5m lateral shuffle’

Strength: 3×5 weighted dips (using the GHD dip bars)


  • 3 strict pull-ups
  • 6 push press (60kg)
  • 9 double kettlebell swings (2x 16kg)

It’s usually a bad sign when you look at the pull-ups as a rest…

Top marks to Neil (again) for 9 rounds and 6 push-presses.

5 thoughts on “WOD 28th October (am & pm)

  1. This wod was horrendous and my arms hurt. As Steven said pull ups were a nice rest.
    Did 6 rounds + 3 pull ups Rx according to Andrew (40kg bar, 24kg KB).

  2. I’m being a bit rubbish these days due to injury (Andrew is well on the way to fixing me, I should mention) so keep having to sub movements…

    So, I had a much easier workout than everyone else, subbing the KB swings with GHD back extensions. Got 10 rounds at 45kg for the push presses.

    Quite pleased with the 10 rounds of push presses though – not far off body weight… In my mind, I remain a force to be reckoned with 😉

    That said, those Janis pull ups took me back to school 🙁

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