WOD 4 Oct: Up the ladder

04 Oct

Tuesday 4th October

Mobility: neck and wrist drills

Warm up: hollows 3 x 30s

Skill: thruster form

Strength: front squat bar-wu-wu-wu-5 and wall walks/headstands 3-3-3-3

Strength/skill: thruster ramp up to max of 40kg/28kg and kettlebell swing ramp up to max of 32kg/20kg

Metcon: 10 minute AMRAP of thruster and kettlebell ladder (1 of each, 2 of each, 3 of each etc.)

Knowing we were going to do thrusters today, we limited the strength work to one set of 5 preceded by a few good warm up sets. The metcon was a nice cheeky little time priority couplet, well done to all. The target was around the 10 rounds mark and everyone was either on the money or certainly in the neighbourhood. Go TEAM!

8 thoughts on “WOD 4 Oct: Up the ladder

  1. Results:

    Alex D (40kg thruster/40kg KB): 10 rounds
    Ruairi 40/32: 10 Rds
    Trev 40/32: 8 Rds
    Rosie 30/20: 10 Rds
    Nadia 20/12: 9 Rds
    Veronika 10/12: 9 Rds
    Chris W 35/24: 8 Rds
    Chris S 30/24: 8 Rds

    Asif 30/24: 7 Rds
    Alex M 40/32: 8 Rds
    Patricia 30/20: 9 Rds
    Ben 40/32: 8 Rds
    Hannah 20/16: 8 Rds

  2. Harder than it looked… the thrusters started getting really soul-destroying after about round 7!

  3. fyi I scaled the KB swings slightly, going to about 10 oclock. About a third of the way from Russian to American.

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