WOD 6 Oct: Upright

06 Oct

Thursday 6th October

Mobility: wrists, ankles and shoulder

Skill/warm up: front squat work

Strength: Front squat 5-5-3-3-1 (light handstand work in between sets)

Skill: planche progressions – planche push up holds, tuck sit rocks and L-sits

We blasted front squat form today. Through using the idea of spreading the lats, yet squeezing the elbows in we created a much sturdier midsection. This seemed to help everyone with their lifts.

In addition, I had everyone think about the difference between the front and back squat – as in if you get too much involvement from the posterior muscles (namely the hamstrings) you’re going to lose your rack position and drop forwards… so remember this ain’t no back squat. Concentrate on squeezing those quads hard and keep yourself nice and upright.

A few progressions to get us nearer the planche finished the session off. Go TEAM!

5 thoughts on “WOD 6 Oct: Upright

  1. Cheers Chris, enjoyed today.

    As requested…

    Failed on 80kg today towards the end but managed to squeeze out 3 reps at 75kg (which is actually a PR for me I think). confident of being able to do 80kg+ though. Next time.

  2. 5 reps x 2 sets @ 100kg
    2 reps x 2 sets @105kg (failed on 3rd rep twice)
    1 rep @107.5kg
    1 rep @ 110kg

  3. Thanks Chris, I think the lat spread worked. Anyway, I bumped my PR from 100 to 110 today…..so I can now officially front squat the same weight as my back squat! May have to retest that soon.

  4. 5 reps at 65kg and 70kg
    3 reps at 70kg and 75kg (only managed 2 reps on 2nd set)
    1 rep at 80kg (new PR), maybe could have gone slightly higher had my legs not been smoked already…

    Thanks for the tips Chris! My first day back after 4 weeks off – I don’t think I’ll be able to walk home tonight…

  5. 52.5kg for 5reps – that was a PR for me, and my legs felt mushed, so I stayed at that weight for 3reps (this was a PR for 3 reps too!) and 1 rep.
    Cheers Chris.

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