“You cannot be serious!!!”

20 Oct

Just a quote from Chris’ T-shit that perfectly underlined tonight’s WOD.

Quick warm up:  jumping lunges, squats and tuck jump.

Strength: front squat 5x 3reps


100 power cleans (70% or below 1RM)

EMOM 5 burpees (full or scaled)

that means that you start with 5 burpees and whatever is left from the minute you complete power cleans, until you get to 100.


Results here but feel free to comment on any events from tonight’s classes.

See you all next week. Great work everyone!

10 thoughts on ““You cannot be serious!!!”

  1. That was horrific Kat

    Hats off to Cam and Martin – sub 15. That’s impressive.

  2. That was a truly despicable WOD.

    Very well done to all who got to 100.

    Hell’s bells, Naim. Sub 10 minutes!? I think when I hit 10 minutes I was on around 30-40 reps and wanting to crumple to the floor in a heap.

  3. Cheers Ben – but I only used 30Kg due to back issues 🙁

    I think going light changes the very nature of the WOD…

  4. Keeping track of the number of cleans was almost as hard as the actual work 😉 At some point around 30-40 after losing count every round, I just gave up and ended up doing 3 per minute..

  5. I thought that to myself when I was doing this wod before the class. I also had to drop the weight after 29 cleans as I was too optimistic at the start. Thanks to Cam who encouraged me to finish it.

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