Competition night: Monday 14 Nov PM WOD

14 Nov
just a simple proposition, based on a competitive format that Crossfit Andover are trying out in December
3 attempts at max snatch
3 attempts at max clean and Jerk
( sort of a mini olympic lifting competition)
followed by a 10 minute Amrap
6 squat cleans 55/37.5kg
12 Pull ups ( kipping allowed)
24 Double unders
useful if you know your weight so we can put it by the score ( not bothered if you dont know)

10 thoughts on “Competition night: Monday 14 Nov PM WOD

  1. Looks good to me but will the guys that maxed out in the sunday session not be shot.

  2. First proper session back after injury.

    85kgs Bodyweight
    Snatch: 60kgs
    Clean & Jerk: 85kgs
    WOD: 3 rounds + 6 sq cleans + 12 pull ups + 23 double unders

    Damn last rep…

  3. Turned up late (sorry!) so got to 25kg snatch.
    45kg C&J, cleaned 50 then 47.5 but just couldn’t lock me arms out.
    WOD rx apart from pullups – whatever it said on the board.

    Thanks for you coaching, Tom. Amazing strict PU’s 😉

  4. my heart goes out to simon….23!!! Well done on the PB snatch: more to come.

    Watching alex hit 5 plus rounds was a joy to behold. Good job.

  5. squat snatch 75kg (PB)
    clean & push jerk 95kg (never really done this before, so PB)
    WOD: 5 rounds and 4 squat cleans. Very very tough, my arms are just starting to feel normal again after the pull ups.
    @Ruairi your pull ups are sick! If you worked on your thrusters for a few weeks you could get a sub 3 minute Fran for sure.

  6. You were a right monster on the squat cleans Kate, good skills. 55kg was a bit heavy for me in the WOD and I got splattered a few times, but I’m trying to do (more weight + more struggle) rather than (less weight and whip through it fast). Got to work on the technique though.

  7. Hi Guys,

    That is a fantastic effort by all. Our competition will be the same format starting at 0900 on the 17 December. The link to register is: at .

    We have prizes for the winner of each weight category and then a Prize for the overall Mens and Women’s Winners. The prizes are being donated by Reflex Nutrition, York Fitness and Inov-8.

    We will have a dartfish team available on the day for anyone who wishes to have their lifts analysed as well as some of the top coaches on hand to help with any pointers.

    We have 50 places available and entries end at the end of the month unless filled before. You can find us on my contact page which will also give you directions

    Hope to see you next month for some fun and games.


  8. Bugger, one more squat clean and I will finish same as Cameron, never mind. Surprised about my squat snatch, while I’ve failed the 50kg C&J. But 4r and 4 squat cleans Rx in the WOD was a good result.

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