Crossfit London is competing in “The London Throwdown” are you in!?

21 Nov

Hi Everyone,

I understand this is a much awaited post! First thing is first, if you do not know what “The London Throwdown” is then check out the details at

Here’s the deal:

During the week beginning 5/12/11, three Workouts will be published by the organisers.

WOD 1:  Monday 5/12/11,

WOD 2: Wednseday 7/12/11,

WOD 3:  Saturday.

on these days, the normal Crossfit London programme will be suspended in favour of these wods.

its up to you if you wish to submit your score: if not, its just another workout

At the end of the week (maybe Chrimbo Party!) the top 3 guys and the top 2 girls from all of the qualifier workouts will be announced. This will be the our team that we submit for “The London Throwdown” finals. Whether we make it or not will be determined by the 5 individual scores from the Qualifier WODs.

But wait! This may seem all competitive and scary for those of you that might think you are not up to the level of carrying RXD weight during WODs? In that case, do not fear! why don’t you come on down for the sessions and see where you DO stand in a competitively judged environment!?

To submit your score to the competition, you must be registered in advance,  so follow this link:

So keep your diaries free over those dates and times and “let’s get serious!” – Arnold Schwarzenegger



18 thoughts on “Crossfit London is competing in “The London Throwdown” are you in!?

  1. Very excited to see you guys getting involved! I will competing under the CrossFit Avon banner but cheering you lot on as well; my second CrossFit family!

  2. Hi Ruairi and others with scheduling issues

    I chatted to Tom last night, and we both agree that the original plan may not work perfectly for everyone. it may be you cannot make the formal session, but want to have a chance at competing, in which case we will try and accomodate it the next day…so until we get more in formation, we are going “loosey goosey”

  3. I’ll give it a go but will no doubt need to sub stuff. Also I have a whiskey tasting night on either the Thursday or Friday (hopefully the Thursday) so Saturday may well suck 🙁

  4. Hey Guys, I have spoken to Tom Bold (Director of the london throwdown) and he has informed me that the Workouts will be published on the 3rd December.
    WOD 1 Monday 1730,1830,1930
    WOD 2 Wednesday 1730,1830,1930 (Kat’s classes that I will oversee)
    WOD 3 Friday 7pm, Saturday 2pm.
    For those of you that absolutely can’t make these times that want to be considered for the team, don’t be afraid to drop me an email.
    For those of you that don’t plan on taking this too seriously, get your butts down anyway and have some fun!
    love you!

  5. Correction,
    Qualifying Workouts will be run on all classes on Monday (WOD1) and all classes on Wednesday (WOD 2), as for WOD 3 this will be either run on Friday or Saturday, keep your eye out on the website. Everyone is invited, so come and enjoy being part of the “the london Throwdown”!
    Love you!

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