CrossFit London Xmas Gift List

16 Nov

Looking for a gift for that special crossfitter in your life? Perhaps you are looking to treat yourself this year? More money than sense?

Behold and marvel at the CrossFit London 2011 Xmas Gift Guide…

“A few nicker” (£10 and under)

Palm guards: ‘Tis the season…to not have ripped hands. Seriously folks…ripped hands were so 2010. [Gymnastics Express]

Gymnastic tape: (Suggested by Kate) Hook grip getting you down? Wishing that your skin stayed on your fingers rather than the bar? You need to get yourself some gymnastic tape, son. “But how is the this different from the zinc oxide stuff I can get from Boots?”, you ask. It won’t give you an inadvertent and unwanted waxing, my friend. Thank me later. [Gymnastic Planet]

A callus shaver: Ok, this goes in the same category as ‘socks’ but it is genuinely useful and far better than picking at them (do you hear me, Kat?). Don’t expect sudden outpourings of gratitude from those who receive this in their stockings, though. [Boots]

“The Paleo Solution”: Robb Wolf’s magnum opus. If you are going to read one book on this whole paleo nutrition thing, make it this one. All the science you’ll need, plus loads of Robb’s ‘humor’ (American humour) mixed in. [Amazon]

Jump rope: Skip the double turkey…work on some double-unders. Jump ropes are a personal thing, but one that you shouldn’t really need to spend more than £10 on. Unless you want to, of course, Alex. [Sugar Rays]

Protein powder shaker: While we don’t wholeheartedly endorse protein powder as part of your nutritional plan, it does have its uses. But the powder itself is often a nuisance to mix resulting in lumpy beverages that inevitably lead to lumpy muscles*. Shaker to the rescue. [Maximuscle]

Hand cream: No longer the present that you get for mum at the last minute…now an essential element of your post-WOD recovery kit. No excuse for sandpaper-like hands now. [Climb On!]

Lacrosse ball: Your pain is your business. If you don’t know what this if for, please revel in your innocence.  [Newitts]

 A notebook for recording your performance: A no-brainer, and one that most already have in hand. Don’t be the 1% (who don’t record). [Moleskine]


“Between a tenner an’ a bullseye” (£10-£50)

Powerbar: A pull-up bar in your own home? Yes please! I recommend the ‘Shrago Powerbar Upgrade package’ which is essentially two roles of racquet tape to wrap around the bar. Makes it nice and soft…mmmm…. [Power Bar 2]

Gymboss: For all your Tabata timing needs. It buzzes, beeps and nags just like a real CrossFit London coach, but runs on single AA battery (instead of a torrid combination of coffee and meat like the real thing) [Gymboss]

Bands: Maybe for working on your pull-ups, or possibly for those trendy rehab purposes all the cool kids on YouTube are into. Basically you can’t go wrong with a blue and a green. [Pullum Sports]

A foam roller: I have to recommend the Trigger Point Therapy Grid roller; it’s solid plastic core prevents it from deforming like the 100% foam ones. Another good option is the Rumble Roller if spiky, oversized sex toys are the order of the day. [Grid Roller] [Rumble Roller]

The CrossFit London Elite Fitness Manual: Maybe you need a reminder of the core CrossFit movements and progressions? Maybe you can’t remember the names of the movements but are too embarrassed to speak up during class? Maybe you just need a lot of pictures of Andrew within easy reach to help you sleep at night. I’m not judging… [CrossFit London Elite Fitness Manual]

Olympic Weightlifting: A Complete Guide for Athletes & Coaches: As good a book on the skills, progressions and subtleties of the oly lifts as you will find. [Amazon]

The Official T-Shirt of CrossFit London: Seriously? Why don’t you already have one of these? You do? Do your family? Thought not… [CrossFit London T-Shirt]

Sigg water bottle: Classy, aluminum water bottles to rehydrate in style. [Sigg]

Fancy pants gymnastics rings: (Suggested by Brie) A gym in a bag, my rings travel the world with me. String them up in children’s playgrounds, tree branches and miscellaneous hotel gym equipment and get busy with dips, holds, levers, muscle-ups and all the fun of the circus. [Wolversons]

CrossFit Journal subscription: (Suggested by Phil) Why buy the Kool Aid by the can when you can drink straight from the spigot? Huge amount of content updated multiple times a day for a criminally low price. [CrossFit Journal]


“Under a ton” (£50-£100)

Oly shoes: Both Adidas and Do Win do some fine models. Both will dramatically improve the stamping sounds you make when you land. [Sugar Rays]

Jerky gun: A gun that shoots meat? Oh HELL yes… [Amazon]

New training shoes: CrossFit London favourites include the Innov-8 f-lite 230, f-lite 220 (in blue, if you want to be one of the cool kids) and the f-lite 195 (in black, natch). [Inov-8]

A kettlebell: Adding a kettlebell to your home gym will rapidly expand your training options and street cred*. And it would make a nice door stop. Suggest a ‘kids clothing’ approach to purchasing one of these bad boys: buy something to grow into. That means no pink 2.5kg ones…thanks Reebok. As it happens, the delightful folks at Wolverson do a fairly robust adjustable kettlebell that allows to you switch from 6.5kg all the way up to 32kg (like you do). I have two and they are delightful. [Wolverson Fitness]

A 10 session carnet: For a crossfitting (or non-crossfitting friend)? Should see them through the Beginners programme and pay for their first three ‘big kids’ classes. A gift of love, if ever there was one. [CrossFit London]


“More than five ponies, but less than a monkey” (£100+)

i-Course: A day spent in the glorious company of Andrew, Steven and hand picked members of the CrossFit London coaching team. Everything you wanted to know about the basics of CrossFit in one magically enlightening day. A great gift for people looking to get in to CrossFit, or for those who don’t live close to London, really. [i-Course]

CrossFit Level 1 Certification: Become one of us…it is your calling. I am your father, Luke. No, wait…(actually a little more than a monkey [£500] at today’s exchange rates). [CrossFit]

Personal training: Aiming to hit a fitness target? Preparing for a special event? Participating in something terrifyingly physical at a defined point in the future? Fed up that you are the only person who can’t [insert CrossFit movement here] properly? Get your one-on-one time with an expert CrossFit London coach here. [Personal Training]

A regular delivery of meat (oo-er) from Athleat: Veggy boxes are out…meat is IN. Athleat do a terrific and incredibly tasty range of organic and free range meat. And they deliver it right to your front door in cute refrigerated boxes. Use the code: crossfitlondonuk to enable a 10% discount on all orders. Don’t say we never do anything for you! [Athleat]


*Not entirely true.

17 thoughts on “CrossFit London Xmas Gift List

  1. wait … those stomping sounds come from the shoes?! I’ve tried for over a year to get a stomping noise in my squat cleans and snatches, guess my 15 year old pumas just don’t cut it 🙁

  2. I have 3 things to say!

    a) the racquet tape on the powerbar idea is genius! mine is new and too thin hurts my delicate lady hands and my flatmate’s forehead when he walks into it.

    b) I already own NINE things on this list. ridiculous.

    c) gymnastic rings might make a good addition

    1. @Harriet: 40% stampy feet, 60% shoes, IMHO
      @Brie: Rings added – good spot! I ‘own’ about 21…how tragic.

  3. Trainerwise I’d recommend Nike Frees which are nice minimalist running shoes and look better than innov8. You can also customise them if you are so inclined

  4. I’ve got 14 things form the list and yes Steven I’ve heard you. Visiting boots tommorw to get my own callus shaver. Another addition to my ‘handbag’ (backpack) to join my first aid and bike repair kit. What else would you expect for a woman to carry around with her on the daily basis?

  5. God. I have way too many items on this list myself. 😛

    I also suggest the addition of a subscription to the Crossfit Journal. Falls into the “Between a tenner an’ a bullseye” (£10-£50) category.

    1. @Kate – good idea. Added
      @Phil – another good one.
      @Chris W – would you seriously give someone a free app as a gift? Xmas day must be a hoot round your gaff 😉

  6. If you’re incredibly tight and happen to have an iphone then you can download a FREE Gymboss app which performs pretty much the same function. not sure if there’s an android version. Did I mention it’s FREE?

  7. 18 and counting….now for my delivery of meat and reinstating my membership so i can train with you guys….my Yoga break is officially over!!

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