CrossFit London Xmas Party REMINDER

21 Nov

The Crossfit London Christmas present list has made our christmas shopping a whole lot easier, the Coca Cola advert is now on TV so the only thing left in the count down to christmas is the Crossfit London Christmas party.

With a night of UNLIMITED FOOD at Lehore on the cards it’s time for you all to get booking. Steven had made it nice and easy with an option when you log on to buy your membership. All you need to do is click the option for ‘Christmas party’: it’s that simple.

Were looking to confirm numbers to the restaurant by the 1st December so can everyone who wants to attend please book as soon as possible.

Thanks guys. Looking forward to all the girls pretty dresses and the boys attempting to challenge Lehore’s version of UNLIMITED FOOD.

2 thoughts on “CrossFit London Xmas Party REMINDER

  1. In order to lead by example and as co-president of the CLCPPC I have bought my ticket and cut a work trip to Senegal short specially to be here!

  2. As the other half of the CLCPPC i will be buying mine this afternoon….i am excited already 🙂

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