Friday17 Nov: Lunch and evening

17 Nov

The long awaited Crossfit Total.

Come and find out your one rep max: Deadlift, Back Squat and Press!

Im expecting lots of PB’s

7 thoughts on “Friday17 Nov: Lunch and evening

  1. Thanks Andrew….I enjoyed that a lot, far more than I was expecting. It brought out my inner competitive spirit.

    Dead lift 170kg (PB and 2 x BW!!)
    Press 60Kg (PB)
    Back Squat 125Kg (PB)
    Total 355 (up from 312 Aug 19th)

  2. No PB’s tonight, have an injured foot and dodgy knee. Still ok with
    Press 30
    Deadlift 100
    Back squat 85
    Total 215

  3. Not deadlifting heavy (if at all) for the time being, but happy with:

    102.5kg back squat (PB by 12.5kg, 5.5kg short of 2xBW)
    50kg press (PB by 7.5kg, 4kg short of BW)

  4. First time I’ve done CF total:
    BS: 75kg (PB by 5kg)
    DL: 90kg (PB by 5kg)
    Press: 32.5kg (worse than previous PB)
    Happy with all apart from the press…

  5. back squat= didnt do due to kness hurting after tue and thurs.
    Deadlift=150kg PB
    Press=55kg PB
    happy with that especially the deadlift

  6. back squat – 120kg
    press – 62.5kg
    deadlift – 160kg with banana back
    most importantly – first muscle up!

  7. Back Squat – 105kg (PB)
    Deadlift – 140kg
    Press – 45kg

    @65kg BW. Still a lot of work to do. Especially on the Press.

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