Grace. Wednesday 16 November pm class

16 Nov

A chance to purify your soul with this great Crossfit original workout

Grace:30 (squat) clean and jerks for time ( 60/kg).

We will fill out the rest of the time with handstands and muscle-up practise.

Delighted with my 15.45 Rx, but i suspect, this is a benchmark that others will storm past. Nevertheless  i did this rx the 1st time 3 months ago in 30 minutes, the 2 months ago at 21 minutes, ~Still,  I would be happier if this stupid fuzz under my nose would just go away… and no Im not taking a photo!



10 thoughts on “Grace. Wednesday 16 November pm class

  1. actually Brie, great thought, hold it a while longer.

    Everyday im inflicted with this “thing” my temper is getting worse…interesting to see psychotically out of control I get.

  2. BTW, the central line has been screwed up for most of the day, so, ill arrange to do the wod as you show up, so dont fret about being late,


  3. I’m looking forward to this! May revisit the integrity of this comment in a few hours…..

  4. 7.14 @ 45kg. These days I’m trying to go heavier/slower at WODs as obviously strength is something I need to work on, but not sure I could’ve manged 50kg unless the cut off time was midnight or thereabouts… 60kg is not even realistic for me right now 🙁

    As always I’m thoroughly impressed with Kat’s performance, Kat you’re an animal!

  5. Thanks Naim. I like the idea of benchmark WODs and I think we should rotate them every few months so we can see the progression.
    7:35 Rx quite surprised about myself. My afterparty: 2:10 GHD back extension hold. Next aim 2:30 minutes.

  6. Grace with squat cleans is a fantastic workout, however…
    as a benchmark WOD, Grace is power cleans

    Dan Bailey in 1:02 as RX’d

    Rich Froning in 4:49 with 225 pounds (102kg)

  7. rotating benchmark WODs is a great idea! i’m slowly getting back into things after my holiday break… my strength has gone down the rabbit hole unfortunately

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